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Redwood Kalimdor Tribes

Classic WoW Info: Redwood Kalimdor Tribes

Redwood Kalimdor Tribes [Horde] |NA RP-PVP| Mon/Thur 6PM-8PM PST| Med-Heavy RP/Med PVP&PVE| Loot group roll Introduction:


At this time, we are not sure where we are getting the t-shirt made that has Orcs, Tauren (from Redwood Tribe on ED), and Trolls on it, but we stand by the Redwood name and invite Trolls and Orcs to join us under the Redwood Banner as we band together to survive the harshest environments in Kalimdor and fight back against the oppressive Alliance!


This will be a council run community of Tribes, with one leader from each Orc, Tauren, and Troll tribes roleplaying how best to shape the future of the combined Tribes. We are family first and foremost!


Expectations: Members are expected to conduct themselves with honor and a commitment to one another. Participation, even if brand new to RP or to PVP, does not have to be 100%, but we hope that members will join in activities, not only ones that we plan, but open events on the server to help RP grow and flourish. RP-PVP is the heart of the server, and RKT will be participating, working with other Horde and Alliance guilds to create content and memories!


Event Schedule: Most events will be planned for 6:00 PM server start times, as many of our members are on the east coast. Most (not all) Thursdays and Mondays will be our nights in Classic, whether it is WPVP, Raid/Dungeon and RP activities.

Event Planning

Most Events will be Open to the RP-PVP community!  This includes co-hosting a story telling event with Earthspear Clan, and WPVP with friends on the Alliance side of the fence.

Guild Only Event is limited to Rites of Passage (guild rank up through various RP events).  Rites of Passage may take different forms depending on whether you are Tauren, Orc, or Troll.  

Contact Info

For more information: for Redwood Tribe

Winter#3381 on Discord

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