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Breaking Fast - A short tale about Leidolfr

Leidolfr crouches before the early morning fire pit and gently lays the fresh caught catfish spiced with the Mulgore seasonings given to him by Aska Mistrunner, on top a piece of sturdy wood and set it on top of the fire to cook. He sifts a few more of the aromatic spices on top of the fish and then folds up the leaf where the rest of the spices sit and hides it in a smaller pouch in his pack.

His steps had led him to some small lakes in the land called the Barrens which surrounded a town where two roads crossed each other. He supposed that was why it was named Crossroads, and he had not spoken aloud the thought that the name was not creative at all when the Innkeeper there told him. However, it was not important, the ley-lines had led him to the Barrens and from there to the fish.

His stomach rumbles smelling the woody aroma. He normally smoked fish, buried in the ash and dirt and smoking as the fire burned sitting on top of the dirt, but the Chieftain had suggested he learn more cooking, so he had given several fish to the cooking trainers and they had returned several suggestions along with the prized Mulgore spices.

Still, before he pulled the wood off the fire and broke the fast, Leidolfr knew he should cast and read the runes once more. Things had not been going well for him when he first came to Kalimdor. He kept not being where he needed to be at the right times. They were the right places, that he did not doubt; the foci of ley-lines coming together at Rock of Sun and even at Thunder Bluff was more potent than he had ever experienced in the Runewood. It was his own self that was not right, not clear, not understanding this land. So, he fasted and waited to meet the Chieftain. He had chosen the number of suns to be twenty-one without food and it was that final day that the two met and spoke under the stars. And many of the Tribe had already been kind to him, but Leidolfr had not been certain he would be accepted by the Chieftain. In fact, he had not truly been accepted in Highmountain because of how much he resembled their enemy, the Vrykul.

He pulled the bones from his belt pouch and with a soft sigh, he let them fall and roll gently on the ground. He was not surprised when he saw friction and fire runes upside down and pointing South towards Vendetta Point. He had passed a burning village a few days past when he had been chasing Porm, now truly his new cousin, to the land under water, and he wanted to return there now that the Runes confirmed there was a lesson there for him or something to resolve. But the rune of Mannaz sat on top of the upside-down runes and it was clearly directed to the North, which he understood was where the Tribe was going to transport supplies on a kodo. Mannaz, the rune as he had been taught meant putting his clan ahead of himself… now his Tribe ahead of himself. It was one of the few runes that the Runeseer of the Bonespeaker Clan had cut into his shoulder, not a rune of power, just of meaning, which held a power of its own over who he believed himself to be. He sweeps up the runes, noting that Eihwaz lies upside down again, as it has every cast since he came to Kalimdor. Destruction. He would have to go South at some point, the ley-lines echoed the runes of his cast like perfect twins.

Leidolfr turns his head to the North and smiles softly. “Must go with Tribe now. Come back to village and whatever is more South soon,” he says to his pup, Svart.

Leidolfr pulls the plank of wood from the fire and pulls a good bite of flesh from the fish and after it cools for a few seconds, he plops it into his mouth. His eyes widen in surprise and he grins thinking he can cook this for the Tribe or something like it when they go on a trip to the land called Grizzly Hills they spoke of.

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