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Thunderhoof "For the HERD"

Celebrating 16 years

Thunderhoof renewed their voices to Warchief Thrall on the anniversary of their 16th summer together!

Many friends joined the tribe in Razor Hill, congratulating and enjoying one another's company before new Chieftain Stinjo led the march from Razor Hill with plenty of others marching and cheering the Thunderhoof parade on.

Once in Orgrimmar, the group headed through the Valley of Strength and the Drag to come to Thrall's chambers.  History was relayed how the Thunderhoof began and the yearly ceremony being shared with all.

thoof 16 yrs 1.jpg

The Thunderhoof and many more kneeled before the Warchief and vowed their service again to the Horde.  And afterwards, a party and celebration in the valley of Spirits with Roadhouse helping to pass out the drinks!

Congratulations and well wishes from all!

thoof 16 yrs.jpg
thoof 16 yrs 2.jpg

Missing Goblin in Northrend

Or, why did we bring Balefire?

Jinthas called for some assistance in Northrend and the Tribes, looking to unite after some time apart, joined him out in Howling Fjord.  Upon arriving, there were a couple of known associates already in the area, Balefire and Urul Twinmane, who both agreed to help find a missing Goblin engineer.   This particular Goblin also held some import with the upcoming attack on Ice Crown Citadel as they worked on Orgrim's Hammer.

On the ride to Camp Winterhoof, Chieftain Okwaho Redwood and the Longwalker were looking forward to a return to the Taunka's camp and seeing familiar faces from when they were first arrived in Northrend.  The Shu'halo amongst the Tribes had taken it upon themselves to help the beleaguered Tribes all along the southern regions of Northrend.  

And Jinthas needed an interpreter.  

The Longwalker took lead, as she had spent more time in this region than Bran and Okwaho, and quickly gained them a meeting with Chieftain Ashtotem and the tribes crone, Greatmother Ankha.


Much to Jinthas' surprise and perhaps a few others, negotiations were quick and very easy and the camp was offered as a base and refuge.  However, Chieftain Ashtotem did let them know that the elementals were acting up in an area where the Goblin they were looking for had been seen.  The Shu'halo already understood the importance of the area, an iced over lake that was part of an area of great significance to the Taunka.  Since it was where Jintha's engineering associate, it was the perfect opportunity to help out both parties and for all to work together.


Upon arriving, both shaman, Okwaho and Branharak immediately began working to calm the agitated Iceshard elementals. 


While they determined that the waking of an Old God was at the heart of the problem, others, more specifically Balefire and Urul, decided now was a good time to do some ice fishing.

Agitated already, the breaking of the ice over the lake and so near an area of importance for the elementals caused an immediate disruption.  And the destruction of one of the bound elementals caused it to be near catastropic!

Perhaps due to incredible luck, both shaman present were well versed in either water or earth and veterans of many dire situations with elementals.  Okwaho quickly understood the plans of Artimir and Iraysong, while Bran rushed to the aid of Redwood's guests... forcing the rest to join in, jumping into action with no real plan!

The Longwalker saw a dire situation about to erode what peaceful relations the Tribes had with Chieftain Ashtotem that no gifts to the Greatmother would be able to repair, and was forced to trust that the Chieftain could fulfill his shouted words of "I can fix this". 

There was a fight... obviously.  And there was mind soothing from the priests and Okwaho was able to get one elemental to calm on the edge of the icy lake.  Urul took an injury, Balefire continued to be a maniac that had to be roughly removed from the area of threat and somehow the Tribes were able to get out of a horrible situation with no casualties. 

And somehow, they had managed to find out that the Goblin was somewhere to the South. 

While Okwaho, with the Longwalker to keep him safe, stays behind to use his experience with the element of Earth to rebind rock and stone and repair the injuries to the elementals in that area, the rest of the expedition went back to Camp Winterhoof to recuperate and prepare for the next leg of the journey.  

To join the adventure, be at Camp Winterhoof on Monday Aug 11th for "A Cold Wind Blows" a prequel adventure to the assault on the Lich King, run by Jinthas Cindersong. 

What is a Kodo Drum Circle

The 4th Annual Kodo Drum Circle and Sturgeon Moon ...

Took place approximately mid-summer under a phase of Mu'sha's passing known as a Sturgeon moon or a moon blessing the waters with her bounty for those that like to fish.  

The Kodo Drum Circle itself is a reminder of the gifts of larger war kodo to the Orcs and the friendship shown between the two races.  The Orcs set large war drums aback these kodo, as if the hoofbeats were not enough to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.  Grateful, the participants partied and gave thanks to the Earth Mother, the Kodo, and the friendship of the Orcs.

kodo drum 1.jpg
kodo drum 2.jpg

What about Thundersong?

Not to mention, the division in the Tribes...

It had been a full passage of Mu'sha, from when she is brightest in the sky through the time when she is barely seen and back to full and the Longwalker had been gone from the Bluffs.  Two elders, one demoted, had also hinted that they were no longer members of Redwood.

And Okwaho tasked with somehow holding the Tribes together... making them one... bringing them to Black Temple to heal the Tribes, or was he supposed to bring them to help the Longwalker?

Some tribesmembers had tried to reason with the Longwalker and with the Demon Hunter.  Bran had been beaten up and sent back to Ayashe's care.  And still Jinthas Cindersong and Jaerim Soryeth had not returned to the Bluffs.  Other members of the Tribes had gone on murderous rampages against alliance innocents and children.  

And as he dealt with each issue, only a few were there to support the young Chieftain, one being the Elder Ragerhorn watching his back while the Longwaker was away.   A guardian demoted to initiate and still no word from two elders.  The Tribes had broken in twain and the only real way back was from the ground up... but most did not see it. 

Suddenly, the Sin'dorei were at back, at least Jinthas, when he attended the Kodo Drum Circle and found a relative that had joined the Tribes.  From there, it was a meeting with Jaerim and Jinthas and others... coming to an understanding that they must pull together.  Of course... they were not going to stand for the Longwalker's plan, no matter what Okwaho felt.  But he was halfway home to bringing everyone back together.

Then came the time... the bronze dragons returned with stories of Thundersong and the Longwalker entering the Temple.  Leidolfr and Edinbev, along with Dolan went to support the intruders and the rest of the Tribes entered Black Temple with the bronze dragons.  

leidolfr 2.jpg
leidolfr 3.jpg

The Tribes found no resistance.  In fact, they found the wardens now imprisoned and heard tales of how many of Illidan's forces had been freed.  Undaunted they made their way through the temple and up to the top where The Betrayer was still bound, only to find the Demon Hunter and her forces ready to free him.

It was a battle amongst Redwoods, though it seemed some withheld blows, it soon became apparent that due to the warping of the timeline, most of the participants became confused... believing themselves to be at a party or serving dinner at a fancy restaurant.  With time  unraveling, the Betrayer was released from his bonds.  There was no choice in the chaos but to fight.  

The anger as Illidan fell from one group was matched by relief from the other... and the bronze swooped in with promises of wiping memories and the body of the Tribe's Thundersong, who bore no memory of her months away from the Tribes.

While the Chieftain and Longwalker walked out, behind all the rest, there was no doubt, the tribes were nowhere near one and a great danger still looms in a future that some chose to forget and others continue to try to stop.


Yestermoon's News

Defending the Bluffs

The Longwalker is back!

Nothing else needs to be said.  

lw back bluffs safe.jpg

The Kree Welcomes Back
Taharkah Thundersong

and other fireworks

After the return from Black Temple, things were still strained amongst the Tribes.  The Chieftain had his advisor back, but seemed to still be hopeful he could find another way to unite the Tribes than to follow her suggestion.

There was still an issue with working together, following the direction of the chieftain, and overall, dissatisfaction with how some members were behaving.

As The Chieftain spoke at the Kree, it was clearly not getting any better.


Another demotion was not enough to prove how serious the Chieftain was about following the tenets of the tribes.  Standing up to a Chieftain can be done, but it has to be done respectfully, and Okwaho would brook no argument there.   But still there were those who did not believe that the tribes had failed the test of Black Temple... they had not stood united and a tribe divided was no tribe in the Chieftain's mind.  

There was nothing for it, on a day that should have been a celebration, Okwaho was forced to bring everything crashing down with the demotion of the Longwalker to initiate.

It worked to bring them together at the Kree, but Okwaho Redwood knew it was only a matter of time before the bonds of the Tribes would be tested again, and there was no way they were ready to Stand Tall; there was a long road of healing that needed to happen, and it needed to start with Okwaho Redwood.

Some Things Don't Change

Tall Tales in the Rain

A nice return to the Bluffs should always include Tall Tales and this was a special one with the cool breeze and gentle rain adding a great ambience.

And did... Ayashe bring the twins?  First Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane did indeed show off the new calves, with Senajo being the first to lay eyes on the two little ones.  

A special Tall Tales with original poems, a half-eaten fish, and a tale about love.  See you at the next one.

tall tales in the rain.jpg

Some Strange Intrigue the Sin'dorie are up to 

The night is never dull.  After some fugitives escaped Silvermoon City, a magister arrives check things out and finds the Redwoods at hand.  

Surprisingly it went rather well, with most keeping their calm and cool, and the Tribes working well together under the Chieftain's direction to come to a solution.

What needed a solution...some magic item of immense power and Jaerim's Soreyth's connection to it.  Stay Tuned!  This ain't over by a longshot!

jaerim intrigue.jpg

Rumors and Tall Tales


As overheard at Spirits of the Earth Mother Tavern

great things may happen here esp if the dwarves arenot home.jpg
Ironforge empty?  Why couldn't that have happened when we were forging that bloody hammer for the Longwalker?  
Druid Stand off at the Bank?

Do the Druids need the bank or is there some secret special ritual going on here?
dolan stand off.jpg
Stunning Vistas

Stunning Vistas

Submit pictures to share of your travels and journeys!

Moon above Black Temple

the moon above BT okwaho.jpg

Mara and Misty Shores

mara the shores.png

Leidolfr's Approach to Shadowmoon Valley

leidolfr 1.jpg

Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

Calendar of Events
Weekly Calendar aug 29 - sept 4 2023.png
For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord​
  • Fridays 6pm - Weekly Circle RP with Redwood - open to all. (most fridays)
  • Sun 5pm - Thunderhoof weekly meeting, usually TB Amphitheater
  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse and will sometimes Host other events
  • Thursdays 6pm - Father Dolan alterantes Dalaran Fish Fry and Thunder Bluff Fishing Derby
Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho in game, on Discord: Winter#3381 or email to
Home Front

On the Homefront

Catchup on Rites of Passage

Appaloosa Escort and then a Murder in Silvermoon City, here is what you need to know

It is a long trek from the Kree to Cenarion Hold in Silithus, but an uncle was found alive for young Appaloosa.  The Tribes Rite of Passage saw her successfully to the destination, and to information about her relative.   The Rite saw the return of Edinbev Ragehorn to the position of Elder.  Good job one and all
rites protect appaloosa.jpg
And for the latest Rites of Passage, on a visit to The Wayfarer's Rest, Elder Dolan's tavern, the Tribes found themselves sharing the bar with a mercenary group from the Red Sands Charter!  These five were a handful, and early on Jinthas tried to intercede and get the group to calm down, but then it happened... the warrior started to feel unwell, and advancing on the rogue, stomped and then fell dead.
rites mystery 2.jpg
rites mystery 4.jpg
With all the arguing going on, it was obvious who the suspects were.  The Redwoods began to interrogate the mercenary crew and it certainly seemed like almost all of them had motive, and more problems with each other, too.  In the end, the one trying to protect them all from the abusive warrior was the culprit and as their fate was being decided, the Red Sands Mercenary Group created a distraction and all four made their escape to protect the murderer.... is that what it takes to work together through thick and thin?  Maybe a lesson to be learned after all...
rites mystery 3.jpg
rites mystery 1.jpg

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