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Attack on Stormwind?

Or just collecting on a delivery?

After a wonderful bar night at the Tipsy Tavern, Leidoflr Redwood is sent to deliver more ale from the Bluffs to the proprieters... 

Sadly, several fights ensue and he is forced to use the canals to get some distance between himself and some of Stormwind's valiant defenders.

There are a few scrapes with the defenders and several bumps and bruises, but the Roadhouse wants to assure the Tipsy Titan that different arrangements can be made if and when they wish to try this seasons Roadhouse special brew, Narache Night  Ale, a fine dark ale, with earthy tones.  

sightseeing and stuck in stormwind.jpg

From Desolace to Mulgore

Pathfinder Branharak Skybreaker takes the Tribes
on a Journey...

What starts as a sightseeing tour becomes a time when the darker shadows of the tribes comes out.  Starting from Desolace, the Tribes came together to speak about their core beliefs and some of the upcoming plans to bring about better training for initiates and others seeking the path of Honor Guard or Elder.  

The only problem being is that the shadows that have been haunting some members of the Tribe reared up, hidden under cloaks, and silence.  With Klarissia... both of them, uncovered, the Tribes could then formulate a plan to go after at least one Druid that has been hiding in the Barrows of Felwood.


The Journey to Jaedenar

To hunt a Druid of Nightmare

druid nightmares 1.jpg

Thing did not go well... before they could even enter the Barrow, the Tribes fell to a mysterious mist.  Despite attempts by the future Klarissia to innoculate some members of the Tribes, the group was overcome and began attacking one another.... and attempts to heal were twisted and warped into attacks, as well.

Luckily, the mist was not foolproof, and slowly the Tribes began to regain consciousness, finding shadows over the bodies still succumbed to the nightmare of a Druid deep within the bowels of the Barrow.

Finally, breaking everyone out of the miasma of 

nightmare, the group had two choices.  Finish off the Druid... or try to re-group?

Having shaken off the effects of the mist and not wanting the Druid to escape, the Tribes proceeded to wipe out the evil, retrieve an artifact for the bronze dragonflight, and rescue their Klarissia.  

The only question remaining is ... if our Klarissia could die a year too early, does that mean time can change?  

Would be Honor Guards on Patrol or on Attack?

Thunder Bluff to Tarren Mill ... Fights Erupt

If you have been out lately, whether in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Northrend or Hillsbrad Foothills, you have probably seen the colors of Redwood and allies staunchly standing firm against those that would attack Horde lands...

The only question is what will it take before the Alliance stops!  Or will they.

Each day the bluff runners bring word of more attacks.  Each day Redwood replies.

But... what honor means to one does not seem to mean to another.  

defense 1.jpg

Reports continue to trickle in of those tribesmembers attempting to distinguish themselves and not all reports are met with satisfying smiles and notes of a job well done. 

There is even talk that honor may be in the minds of the beholder.... and that might pose a problem in the long run.

defense 6.jpg
defense 4.jpg

Still most can agree that defending our homes is a top priority.  In fact, sometimes a response is necessary when the Alliance continue to attack the outposts in Outlands.  Take heed Alliance.  The Horde will fight back!

defense 7.jpg
defense 3.jpg

Yestermoon's News

Aren't the Bluffs Beautiful

submitted by an anonymous reader of the Times

[Taurahe] Just wanted to take a moment and say what a lovely home the Bluffs are.  The patrolling bluff watchers make me feel very safe and it is good to see the Chieftains and others guarded so well.  Having head of the recent attacks on the Bluffs, I hope this serves as a warning to those thinking about taking such liberties again. 

bluffs who is who.jpg

Council Back in Action

Recovered from recent trauma, Nessima D'Argentine is recognized for their long standing service to the Tribes. 

Promotion to council have long been overdue for the seamstress, who has brought much joy and advice to those amongst the Tribes and the Horde at large.  

Agreeing to the need for the vital link between Chieftain and Elders to be re-established, Branharak Skybreaker, volunteered to resume his duties alongside the first Forsaken member to hold this position.

promotion of Nessima.jpg

Rumors and Tall Tales


As overheard at Spirits of the Earth Mother Tavern

Is someone attempting to break the record for the amount of Horde can be fit into a guard tower?
Gin'jojo and a Gnome... We were wondering where the wiley troll was, Dalaran all along? And isn't that the gnome cheering on the FtH a week ago?
fit into tower.jpg
ginjojo and cutie dal.jpg
Speaking of Honor Guards... is it Dance time... or Druid Code time?  Which is it?
bluffs who is who 3.jpg
Stunning Vistas

Stunning Vistas

Submit pictures to share of your travels and journeys!

Starting Journeys


Mara always with the best shots

mara 1.png

A thorny view


Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

Calendar of Events
Weekly Calendar may 30 to june 5 2023.png
For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord
  • Wednesdays 6pm - Homeland Relief hosted by Bulwark - Azeroth - different locations each week
  • Fridays 6pm - Weekly Circle RP with Redwood - open to all. (most fridays)
  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse and will sometimes Host other events
  • Thursdays 4pm - Father Dolan alterantes Dalaran Fish Fry and Thunder Bluff Fishing Derby
Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho in game, on Discord: Winter#3381 or email to
Home Front

On the Homefront

Roadhouse and more

The gatherings continue, tribes members and friends relax on the Bluffs. 

roadhouse on bluffs.jpg
bluffs who is who 2.jpg
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