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Horde Public Relations

Statement from Horde P.R.

The Warchief does not accept failure.  Ever.  

Lok'tar Ogar!

Tymarrin Longwalker - Director Horde Public Relations

moka and tym while alliance returns.jpg

Mokalyn Wildmane challenges Director of Horde Public Relations - while Alliance attack

Masquerade Ball - Did no one think this might be our fugitive? 

lohk at masquerade.jpg

Heroes of the Horde

Lok'tar Ogar!  a Salute to the True Heroes!
tora 1.jpg

Torahate Redwood

Warbrave of Redwood Tribe

Viciousness incarnate in every fight.  Follow him into the depths of Boralus with ease, for all the Alliance will be focused on his cutting blades.

Yet, despite the warrior's wrath, it is the Warbrave that leads the hunt for the traitor and stood fair adjudicator over the trial of the Druid Chibs. 


A Shu'halo of wisdom and fury and a Hero of the Horde.  Lok'tar Ogar!



An extraordinary healer and Druid of the finest caliber.

Well known for her defense of Dazar'alor during the recent Alliance attacks.

The Horde thanks you for your service!


Senneca Swiftsilver

Trade Princess

Do you know this rags to riches goblin?  If not, meet the Trade Princess of one of the most successful trade conglomerates.

If you need something, seek out Swiftsilver Cartel.  Operatives everywhere!

Wanted Notices


Wanted for Questioning   

Name: Dragrosh Doombringer

Last Sighted in Ashenvale, though some report seen heading to Stormwind 7.6.19

The Cenarion Circle has brought a matter to our attention, murder most foul of a Druid in Feralas.

Reward for information leading to the arrest:  500 gold



Conspiracy Against the Horde

Name: Nad Konkor

Have you seen this laughing skull?

Wanted for assisting in the escape of the fugitive Lohkawas Wildmane.

Reward for information leading to the arrest:  500 gold

ktm 1.jpg

Wanted for Questioning

Fraudulent Sales Practices

Name: Kezan Trade Mercantile

Requesting a look at your records, including shipping, receiving, purchasing and delivery of merchandise!

selling it up.png

Current Wanted List - All Information will be checked before payment

Lohkawas Wildmane - Traitor to the Horde - Information or Head - Current 1050 gold

Belo Peppy - Alliance spy - Gnome rogue - Pest - Proof of Death - 1000 gold

Chibs - Wanted for questioning in regards to the above. - 500 gold

If you have information or something to contribute, proceed to the nearest Horde Public Relations or Military Post.  The Horde Thanks it's loyal citizens.  Lok'tar Ogar!

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