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Kirin Var Ghosts Lead Attack on Area 52

story by Aglaica Clawhoo
July 20, 2021

At 9am server time, Area-52 came under siege by a barrage of Kirin Var spectres breaching the town.  A short lived attack as they were quickly dispatched by the goblin and gnome protectors, but damage was done.  The fruit vendor lost much of his supplies during the invasion and stampede of townsfolk seeking safety indoors.  "I have no idea why they came so close, they have never been this far before.  It was shocking, horrible, yet strangely alluring to know that the spectral world still has some form of thought patterns" an area 52 citizen was quoted saying. 


pictured above one Kirin Var Spectre from the early morning raid as it attempted to disperse before the Goblin and Gnome defenders could finish it off.

Late Breaking News from Netherstorm!

Authorities still have no clue what sparked the outrage in the ghosts, but have dispatched several groups of Ambassadors to Kirin Var in hopes to squelch their issues.  Area 52 lost contact with the ambassadors shortly after.

Yestermoon's News

Tall Tales Welcomes Iron and Blood Clan

story by Okwaho Redwood
July 19, 2021

Good to see young Tribes and Clans find their way to the Bluffs and to hear tales of the Earth Mother told with such heartfelt empathy... to see the High Chieftain look on with a tear in his fiercely proud eyes.  A reminder that we not only have much to be thankful for, but also to not make the same mistakes that our ancestors did, listening to false whispers from the deep parts of the earth.

But this night, the tales were good, the 


and the joking friendships even better.  The Chieftain even graced us with a poem that while heavy, gave hope in the end.  And that is what we need now with all that we face in the Outlands.  As always, it will be hard to leave the Bluffs and return to the broken land...

Weekly Highlights

Busy Night Under Mu'sha

story by Okwaho Redwood
July 18, 2021

Wherever you are, Mu'sha is there to enjoy the view and  happenings!

Yestermoon, Roadhouse gathered in gloomy Brill and enjoyed some spirits and deep philosophical questions that may soon dominate the Debate Societies schedule!  Survival of the Fittest, are Forsaken alive, just your normal ale inspired bar talk... not to mention some strange elixir's that Maulen had concocted.  

philosophy roadhouse maulen.png

picture courtesy of the elixir bear, Maulen

On the other hand...

jaylenth beach party 2.jpg
Mu'sha witnessed some fun times with the Grin and the Lighthouse meeting up for a late night romp on the beach.

Looks like volleyball might have started before they set up the net down on Tanaris beach.
And just maybe the fun fights will lift the spirits of the Bard of Bones... 

Thanks to Jaylenth for some great shots of a happening party!
jaylenth beach party.jpg

Tribes Meet on the Bluff!

story by Okwaho Redwood
July 16, 2021

The Tribes came together to discuss any issues or concerns... asking questions of long time members.

Of top note, anyone that finds Kodo bridles, saddles, or anything of that nature should reach out to Aglaica Clawhoof.

And those interested in banding together to take on the Alliance, should reach out to High Warlord Molokar Khan!


Lakerunner's Master Fishing Class: Success!

story by Okwaho Redwood
July 16, 2021

One thing about Peshko Lakerunner you must know... he loves fishing!


But Lakerunner has also been a long time member of the Tribes, always ready to cook up a fish feast to share whether the Tribes are finishing up a night of Rites or a pathfinding trip, and always ready to wade into battle with his tribesmembers.  


 Pathfinding for Lakerunner comes in to 

fishing from bran.jpg

picture above courtesy of Branharak Skybreaker

play when you want to find a fishing spot away from any others.   Strange to find a spot around the base of Teldrassil that was not infested with knife-ears, but Lakerunner brought us to just such a spot.  He taught several newcomers how to string their line and cast without hooking the person next to them, and after a bounty had been hauled in, he taught everyone how to scale and debone and added some cooking tips.

All in all... a fantastic outing of friendship and fun!   and the top prize:

Congratulations Elder Lakerunner!

Master Gin'jojo's Gladiator Tournament

story by Okwaho Redwood
July 15, 2021

The Sage arrived at the Ring of Trials and took in the competitors for Gin'jojo's Gladiator Tournament and quickly proclaimed Dogweed as a prime contender and in fact, Dogweed almost won the double elimination tournament!

gladiator 1.jpg
gladiator 2.jpg

But it was Nessima, who recently finished 2nd in K.B.'s Season 2 opening of the Tonk Tournament, snagging 1st place here and taking home 100 gold out of Gin'jojo's pockets.  Of course, Krip'yup does that all the time with far less physical exertion!

But still, there was one more challenge left, as Alliance began to gather, the Redwood's began a free for all in the arena... and sure enough, the Sage's choice proved to be cunning and hardy as Redwood's fell around him. 

gladiator 3.jpg

Dogweed finished off the last contestant and the Tribes met outside again, where another duel commenced, and Skybreaker learned about light wells... or learned they exist.  More on that at the end of the story!

Throughout the fights, many used the pillars well, but for some the audience cat calls began, calling for opponents to start the action, not dance around the pole as if they were starting early for the Midsummer Fire Festival... or is that starting late this cycle?

gladiator 3.5.jpg
gladiator 4.jpg

In other news... Skybreaker drinks 5 goblets of light, adds some oats and ... falls asleep!

Hopefully, he will feel fine in the morning.  An'she protect him from this other light!

gladiator 6.jpg

Magtheridon Falls to Redwood Tribes!

Thunder Bluff Daily News Scroll
July 14, 2021

Local heroes take down a substantial threat underneath Hellfire Citadel!

Redwood Tribes enters a subterranean chamber and claims a victory for the Horde. 


"This should ease the pressure on the portal and all of Hellfire Peninsula," one expert eyewitness claimed.   "Though it seems the lands around the Citadel are now a constant battleground of Horde 


and Alliance, despite  the greater threat of the Legion."

The Tribes continue to hone their blades and their tribes' bonds to take on greater and greater challenges!

Comedy Crossroads


With Kathley Roe Vock of Hand of Lordaeron

Almost everyone I know has gone off to another planet to fight. What they are fighting, I don't know. The only news I've heard from those returning is of casualties, What a surprise! Who was right all along, eh? Not that they aren't capable of fighting and winning against some really crazy opponents, but...why go in the first place? All we had to do was blow up the portal and we would be safe. I guess that's not going to happen though, So here are some reasons to come back and stay on Azeroth.


1- Food. Unless you want to capture and stab some weird, deformed living horror show, there isn't much to eat out there. I can put down some pretty nasty stuff compared to when I was alive, but I draw the line at squishy animated putty with a face, that wobbles around like a walking cartoon sunflower.

2- Bar service. The World's End tavern is a great venue for music and comedy, but WHERE is the bartender? It's harder to get a drink in there than it is to murder a customer. Renee would never leave us hanging like that in the Gallows.


3- It's finally safe! I'm fairly confident that I've been surrounded with the company of the most powerful fighters on Azeroth for some time, who have managed to push back the Scourge, Qiraji, dragons, Hell, even I participated in vanquishing a demon! Why oh why would you just discard that progress to go get schwacked for someone elses problems?


4- I miss you. It's really grinding on me that the people I care about are in danger once again, it's like a recurring nightmare to wake up and wonder if we've lost another one. No joke there, just come back in one piece, please.

Rumors and Tall Tales


As overheard at Spirits of the Earth Mother Tavern

Maulen reports not only a pirate take over of Orgrimmar, but pinkskin pirates?

Someone needs to take care of that immediately!
maulen what is happening in org.png
Is this a sign of the Furies working together?  Eikaambokum of the Outcasts put on a show in Thrallmar!
totem dropper.jpg

Stunning Vistas




Not sure the Earthen Ring can fix this...


Caption Contest

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Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • July 19 530 - Tall Tales & Epic Fables at Thunder Bluff'''s Amphitheater
  • July 20 515 - Blacktooth Grin Patrol - Open to All
  • July 21 5pm - Zagra'Jigerra in Zangarmarsh.  Hunt for the Loa w/feast. Whisper Jay'zakk
  • July 22 530 - Gom Kuu'Jak wpvp - for more info msg. Okwaho
  • July 23 4pm - Hunt for a Draenei part 4 with Flarefang
  • July 24 3pm - KB has brewery problems... too much HONEY???- msg KB for details
  • July 24 ??? - WPVP event - for details message Okwaho
  • July 26 5pm - Earthen Ring Escapades
  • July 29 5pm - Thunder Bluff Debate Society
  • July 30 530 - Redwood's Rites of Passage
  • July 31 6pm - Drill Instruction with Twylah Tigerpaw - meet in Camp Taurajo
For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord
  • Thursdays 7pm - Homeland Relief hosted by Bulwark - Azeroth - different locations each week
  • Fridays 6pm - Weekly Circle RP with Redwood - open to all. (most fridays)
  • Sat 4pm -Face your Demons with Gabriel and Father Ross, weekly therapy group - Tarren Mill (see advertisements) 
  • Sun 4pm - Fishing with Friends with Branharak Skybreaker - Pond outside of WC - Fishing for Prizes    
  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 
  • Saturday (7pm) and Monday (6pm) Triffy D'argentine leads new and old activities with The Lighthouse
Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho in game, on Discord: Winter#3381 or email to

On the Homefront

Fishing with Friends Sees a Friend Return

story by Okwaho Redwood   July 18, 2021

First things first - still in their first few weeks with the Tribes Coco and Keorics make a splash and take home some cool prizes at the local fishing contest, with Elder Master fisherman, Lakerunner, landing 2nd place!

But that is not all!  Hello Stranger and where have you been?   Tawahne Duskhoof, longwalker to Chieftain Brightmane, makes it back to the Azeroth side of the portal receiving a life-threatening hug from Branharak Skybreaker... or Shu'halo breaker!