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Redwood Tribes Meeting on the Bluffs Brings Big Changes

Story by Okwaho Redwood
June 18, 2021

The Tribes found their way to the Bluffs, reacquainting with those that stayed behind and bringing ominous news with them.

The Chieftain's injuries had not been previously heard by all, as reported in the Times.  The Sage filled everyone in on efforts to alleviate the fel poison that made it impossible to heal the sword slash along the right side of her torso.  The Sage may have held back about how grievous the wound with most present, but Council Skybreaker announced that he had been


researching cures and was now ready to step through the portal to help his Chieftain.  This alleviated many fears!  As did Cap'n Han'zee's suggestion of fresh fruit from the Bluffs.

Talk then turned to befriending the Mag'har and Tawahne's convictions that the healers of the Mag'har might also be able to assist in helping the Chieftain's injuries.  The Sage used the opportunity to bring up another subject... a home base in Outlands.

Dogweed and Zel'wah spoke of the small village Zabra'jin, home to a large Darkspear population in Zangarmarsh.  The Redwood Trolls had already established a connection and secured a place to stay amongst their brethern.


This opened up discussion for another base, to cover more area yet able to support one another.  Longwalker Duskhoof suggested reaching out to the Mag'har Orcs of Garadar getting the Sages' interest immediately due to location's proximity to the Throne of the Elements.  Both locations gave quick and easy access for supply lines and support, though others wanted to know, just how long the stay in Outlands would be.  The Sage was clear that until the threat to both worlds was eliminated, they would do what they could to support the Mag'har and continue to be a barrier to the threat of invasion from this devastated world.

Many of the new tribes members, such as Mug,wo Windchaser, also gave suggestions and spoke, but again the question came up, with the Chieftain injured, who should the Tribes look to for guidance.

In this, The Sage spoke of how the Council had been arranged as the Tribes came together.  And how with the changes to Sage and Warlord as advisors, that there was a need for change in the ordering of the Tribes.  The Chieftain would now make larger decisions that affected all, after being advised by her Council and her Advisors.  But the Council themselves would act as guides to their particular Tribes.  The Council deliberated and it was approved unanimously.

With that, the group broke up, some to speak in small groups and others to make arrangements to return to a world that needed their help.

The Smaller Shu'halo Meeting at the Pond

Story by Okwaho Redwood
June 18, 2021

For every big gathering there are many more small ones.  The Sage met with two new Sin'dorei members who inquired about Osh'kibi status amongst their number.  He suggested to  Mug'wo Skychaser, friend to Kretus of the Sin'dorei, that perhaps he would be the ambassador to the pale Elves and help bring  unity as Skybreaker had with the Forsaken when the Tribes formed.

Skybreaker helped another initiate, who sought a deeper connection to the element of air, youngling Thunderwings.

And even as the rain began, the Shu'halo relished the Bluffs, the weather, and the friendship of each other long into Mu'sha's night crossing.

Yestermoon's News

Prowling the Wilds

Story by Okwaho Redwood
June 17, 2021

Tawahne Duskhoof, known for playing games like tag to lighten the mood, changes gears and has the Tribes competing in a different type of game!

Split into two teams, the Tribes went on a hunt to see who could bring back the most food, skins, and other needed supplies to the Mag'har in Garadar and to the Horde stationed in Nagrand.

At the end, the losing team, cooked a small feast for all the hunters.  After Boris  led a victory dance for the losing team, he then

a victory dance.jpg

proceeded to show off his abhorrent cooking skills... Thank the Earth Mother Talore Stonehoof took over and prepared several helpings of spicy talbuk as Tawahne thanked the beasts for providing and also reminded everyone to take care to not over hunt the lands.

a talore stonehoof saves the day with spicy talbuk.jpg

Weekly Highlights

Redwood's Elite Squad Storms Karazhan

Story by Okwaho Redwood
June 16, 2021

Redwood storms the spooky castle.

Games of chance and live performances prove little to no challenge for the elite forces of the Tribes.

The Prince falls, with light damage , easily healed by Cap'n Hanzee and the ever chill Dogweed!

As always, Redwood is known for healers!

Plan for Attack with double the numbers is underway. 

Pictures by Gin'jojo

Flarefang on the Hunt for a Draenei

Reprinted from the Orgrimmar Daily
June 16, 2021

Flarefang called a meeting to inform the Tribes of some information regarding a Draenei, who appeared to be scouting and searching for a means to overcome the Horde.  Last seen heading towards Ashenvale, the Redwood's formed a tracking party to pursue the strange new being.

Surmising she would try to return to her people, and the "ship from space" that crashed near Darnassus, the group began


tracking from Zoram'gor Outpost on the coast of Ashenvale.  Despite reports that the hooves bore resemblance to a deer, just much larger, the Redwood trackers went to work and led the way towards Darkshore.  Past the the shrine of an Old God, the tracks led to the beach.  The group approached cautiously, but the Draenei lashed out with lightning taking most of the party by complete surprise.


Angered, Flarefang charged in, while some of the party marveled that the Draenei apparently practiced shamanism. 


The Draenei spoke a few words of Orcish and yelled that she would show Flarefang something, which after she escaped the Tribes, he revealed to the Tribes... information that brought up a series of additional questions.

Who is the mysterious Draenei and what did she reveal?  All this reporter will say, is that it has to do with Hantada, Flarefang's deceased mother, or at least the person that raised him...  

Mr. Kodo Getting Some New Gear and...

Thunder Bluff Associated Press
June 15, 2021

Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane visits Harb Clawhoof and got Mr. Kodo some fancy new gear.

Clawhoof also managed to convince the Chieftain to let him lead Mr. Kodo to Stonebull Lake and wash some of the mud and muck from the hearty kodo.

What do you know?  He was white all this time and much faster than the Tribes gave him credit.

ayashe mount mr kodo went through the ko

Strange T'ings in the Swamps Mon

story by Jyuk, junior reporter for the Times
June 15, 2021

Ya Mons!  You know a place be strange when da Grin and da Darkspear be tryin' to share it.  

Little mushroom mons and big mushrooms are just part of da strange.  Den ya got naga and spawns of da Earth!

And den ya got this little mushroom in da middle of da swamp lookin' like someone be takin' good care of it?  

And naw, Jyuk got no idea what it about!

You find out, ya tell da Times!

strange tings.jpg

Safety Warning Issued to the Darkspear

story by Okwaho Redwood
June 15 2021

The Tribes will be making a safety complaint to the Nathera, Safety Inspector,

as soon as possible.  

The Darkspear of Zabra'jin have until the end of the quarter passager of Mu'sha to remove the smelter from under the frond-covered hut.

Even with rain, one good spark on the dry underside, and that village is going up in smoke!

smelting in the hut.jpg

Glowcaps, Wings, and Walking Plants

story by Okwaho Redwood
June 14, 2021

The Tribes head into Zangarmarsh to give aid to the Darkspear Trolls and the Cenarion Hold.

While happy to assist, some do so grudgingly, clearly unhappy about their surroundings.  Listing the major complaints, Brackenwood, initiate in the Tribes just has to take time to remind everyone, "And the smell!  Don't neglect to mention the smell.  Indeed, fish and fungus.  And easier to 

burn your shoes than to get them clean.

Luckily the Shu'halo, except for odd times in Chieftain Brightmane's life, do not concern themselves with shoes, nor do the Orcs and Trolls of the Tribes.

the swamps story 2.jpg
the swamps story 3.jpg

The true tale, however, is the Naga and whatever these contraptions are.  

Luckily for Zangarmarsh and the denizens there, the investigations have begun into the draining of the marsh waters and the anger of some of the more violent walking plants! 

Healers are the Real Story!

story by Okwaho Redwood
June 13, 2021

The Horde sends their finest and their smallest to assault the Ramparts!

I am not speaking of the Warlords, of course, but to the tiny figure in the back.  Holy priest on tiny feet, Mammakhan provides some hefty support from the backlines.  

Literally, these Bleeding Hollow Orcs never saw her and Omor the Unscarred is now scarred!  

Finally Some Good Jokes!

story by Okwaho Redwood
June 13, 2021

Yes, that is Kathley Roe Vock, lead representative of Azeroth Presents and priemier headliner of such venues as Thunder Bluff Brewery and Shattrath's World's End Tavern!  

What is she doing standing on the pond out front of Wailing Caverns, The Barrens?

"Making it extremely hard to fish," one hardcore fishing veteran grumbled.  "I laughed, I missed a catch.  Every single time!  I know it was that prize winning catch, too!"

As always, fun was had by all and several epic prizes were handed out as well as four more luxurious satchels.  If you have donations for future events, Branharak is the host to contact.  See you next Sunday at the Pond!

kathley at fishing.jpg

Brill Welcomes the Roadhouse

story by Okwaho Redwood
June 13, 2021

Roadhouse takes a trip to the Eastern Kingdoms.  Sin'dorei flock to their allies gloomy tavern, but get some good ale out of the deal!

There were those that kept to their own, but as the Tribes have learned, it is hard to break down cultural barriers when you only speak your language around others.

A good time to catch up with friends, do not miss next week's Roadhouse on the Bluffs.

roadhouse at brill.jpg

Comedy Crossroads


With Kathley Roe Vock of Hand of Lordaeron

          Lots of elves around lately huh? Seems a lot brighter now doesn't it? I used to talk smack, but I hope you elves know, it's all in fun. Last show, an elf tried to fight me because I said they weren't strong. He threatened to kick my ass, but his 105 lbs was too heavy to lift out of his own chair.


          I've seen jacked elves, I know they aren't all spaghetti, but if you are one of those elves, you must understand that its been war down south for quite a while. People aren't just going to get on their hands and knees to be your bench. Really, what are you going to do. I've got a Demonic juggernaut that can ignore your bones and punch you in the lungs. Maybe tone it down with the diva stuff.

        Unless you've paid someone to throw your javelin-esqe body through my head like a bullet, I'd settle down before you get pummeled.



Rumors and Tall Tales


As overheard at Spirits of the Earth Mother Tavern

Blacktooth Grin unleash death incarnate upon the world once more. 'have fun storming the castle!'
pogo grin.jpg
The Tribes Chieftain has been ill for some time.  But that appears to be changing soon.

And when it does, expect the Chieftain to stomp... or perhaps toss one of these new moons we see in the skies over Draenor.
chieftain holding up moon.jpg
Flying Fish?

Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane stirs up some fish in the Swamps of Zangarmarsh.

Fish eagerly attempt to catch up, so furious, or maybe hungry, they begin flying over small sections of land that rise out of the swamps.
flying fish.jpg
Further proof that Shu'halo are natural climbers.

When things are calm, the Tribes' Chieftain likes to meditate atop the Bluffs in Mulgore.  However, circumstances have brought the Chieftain to the Swamps.

Looks like Ayashe is making due atop this oar.

Stunning Vistas

saura 2.jpg

Wily Saura Grimtotem Nabs All the Fruit


Moonskimmer Looking for Property?


Branharak and Mu'sha

saura 1.jpg

Saura Sightseeing


Odakut and An'she


Trissian Finds a Screaming Stone Demon

Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • June 15 - 5pm Elite Redwood Tribes' forces will lay Seige to Karazhan
  • June 16 - 4pm The Hunt for a Draenei with Flarefang
  • June 17 - 6pm Prowling the Wilds with Tawahne Duskhoof
  • June 19 - 6pm March for Visibility 
  • June 20 - 6pm Roadhouse will host Thunder Bluff Debate - mini debates for fun not fighting!
  • June 21 - 5pm Tall Tales & Epic Fables - new night Monday and new time 5:00 server time
For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord
  • Thursdays 6pm - Homeland Relief hosted by Bulwark - Azeroth - different locations each week
  • Fridays 6pm - Weekly Circle RP with Redwood - open to all. (most fridays)
  • Sat 4pm -Face your Demons with Gabriel and Father Ross, weekly therapy group - Tarren Mill (see advertisements) 
  • Sun 4pm - Fishing with Friends with Branharak Skybreaker - Pond outside of WC - Fishing for Prizes    
  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 
  • Saturday and Monday at 7pm Triffy D'argentine leads new and old activities with The Lighthouse
Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho or Ardrus @Winter#3381 or in game, or email to

On the Homefront

Investigations into Silvermoon City

Submitted by an Anonymous Source
June 14, 2021

Strange occurrences and sightings in both Silvermoon City and in Shattrath have investigators digging deeper. 

As the Tribes learn of their new surroundings in Draenor, an anonymous adventurer submitted further evidence of a connection to an older story about an unknown being hidden below the city of Silvermoon City. 

Now that we have a name for these beings of immense power, The Naaru, one needs to ask.... how did one arrive on Azeroth and what is it's connection to the Sin'dorei?