Tales from an Alternate Time

Bringing Home Lyle Brooks

A Tale in Three Parts

5.11.2020-5.17.2020 Brill to Mulgore

Part 1 - The Vigil

This part will be fast.

We met in the graveyard in Brill to say goodbye to Lyle Brooks. 


A member of the Alliance joined us.

We wore our finest.

We drank and poured one out for Lyle...

A simple gathering of friends and family

The Human Spoke

Part 2 - The Trial

Luciian, Death Lord of Hand of Lordaeron, was brought forth to stand trial, in the Ring of Valor.  Natalie Avers brought forth all of the clues she had found and followed and made a strong case for the defense... that Lyle Brooks was not Lyle Brooks and had been missing for some time.

Most in the stands were not pleased, emotions running high and more answers were wanted before a vote could take place. 


The Death Lord was just as haughty as he normally is as he defended himself and called his own witnesses or 

The Gallows' End Tavern was at capacity

The Death Lord Awaits Trial

Chef Paulie Walnuts serves attendees to the finest cusine

Concerned On-Lookers

cross-examined the others.  Edward Lafontaine attempted to show the holes in the defense, requesting answers to why Luciian had not told anyone else what he suspected or if he had been sure it was not Lyle Brooks when he struck the blow.  Luciian responded that he is at time not ever 100 percent certain of anything and that he did not know who would believe that Lyle Brooks was in actuality a mimic.

These explanations seemed to sway the on-lookers, as the crowd became jury and voted to acquit by a narrow margin.

At least now there was some hope that despite the delay caused by Luciian not trusting anyone sooner Lyle Brooks might somehow be re-united with his lover... who in the meantime had done more to hold the Hand and the Horde together than any number of people combined.

Gabriel Ross, the true hero of the Horde these past weeks...

Part 3 - Rescue in the Plaguelands

Finally word came from the Hand's trackers and informants.   Reportedly the Scarlets held a prisoner matching Lyle Brooks' description in a base camp in Western Plaguelands.  Allies from Redwood, Blacktooth Grin, The Shattered Company and more joined with the Hand to make sure Lyle Brooks was found and returned to safety.

Preparations at the Bulwark

Ride like there is no tomorrow

They rode hard and ran through the initial Scarlet soldiers with ease.  Finally they found a coward sitting atop a stone tower and forced him to speak of where Forsaken prisoners were held.


Where is our friend?

That was all the rescuers needed to find a dungeon where Lyle Brooks sat, a shattered arm and near shattered will.  The rest of the prisoners were too far gone to help and were put down, while experts in healing made certain that our quarry could be moved safely.  As the enemy finally received aid and attempted to take back their precious keep and prisoners, a portal was called to send everyone back to Thunder Bluff, where Lyle Brooks stayed in recovery.

Can't ask that guard where the basement is

The Prison

Standing Guard

Concerned Onlookers

Lyle receives much needed help

Confessions & Reflections

05.18.2020 Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff

Branharak Skybreaker, Shaman of the Earthen Ring, Elder of Redwood Tribes... and now Follower of Akunda.

No one seemed too surprised, but it was nice to have the rain as back-up to the big announcement.  Though some discussion was had about memories and whether one should suppress them or not.  And of course, there was also an announcement by Elder Safety Inspector Nby and her search for her missing parent... a Kaldorei of the Cenarion Circle... apparently.  The Tribes will, of course, help Nby to find her mother and any other family member!

There was one onlooker who seemed a bit negative, but no one was too surprised as the masked troll, unmasked.

There's a "Troll" not in the circle

Zen'a was on hand in support of Akunda's new follower

Waiting to find out why we are gathered

Can you call lightning yet, Skybreaker?

Grobbulus Commencement 2020

IC and OOC - It is all Important

5.15.2020 Thrall's Chamber, Orgrimmar

Accomplishments should be celebrated and over thirty graduates walked on Commencement Night.  Each received a certificate, individualized and a little time to say something to the audience if they wished.  Additionally 70 dollars was raised for Teamtrees.org as the Azeroth RP Planning Committee stepped up to the plate to make sure Grobbulus players were supported for their work in these hard times.  And those that walked for IC accomplishments, thank you for making Grobbulus come alive by  your participation, as well!  It really does make Grobbulus unique.

From High School to College we salute your hard work and efforts to stay strong and get those degrees!

We hope more walk next time and ARPC will be there to support our Grobbulus Graduates! 

Congratulations to the class of 2020!

Gathering for the ceremonies

Shonte Graduates and Snaps a Great Picture

Alliance and Horde Celebrate Together

Lining Up by Khal'thul

The Guards Kill the Human Supporter...

Alliance Graduate Wedepuffer hanging with the Trolls by Zel'wah

Sample Certificates - Each Individualized for Participants

More Adventures

Roadhouse Goes to Thelsamar

5.17.2020 Thelsamar, Loch Modan

Who wants some ale?  Sometimes you just can not find what you want in a Horde or Goblin town.  Roadhouse took a road trip and raided the Dwarves of some ale.  Come find Okwaho if you would like some.

Just share some ale and no one has to get hurt

Ale, chairs and tables, good friends by a fire!

Thunder Bluff Debate Society

5.20.2020 Amphitheater, Thunder Bluff

Should Warlocks be allowed to practice openly in Orgrimmar?

The Warlocks spoke and seemed to agree that they should practice but not openly... and it was peaceful as debate was meant to be.

The debate foursome, Khal'thul, Kaylla, Kragoth, and Kaervek, explained much about the history of the practice and were very moving and passionate, including one who wanted Demons to become citizens and live in equality with the rest of the Horde.

Next Debate: Dark Horde & Grimtotem... in the Horde?

Berne addresses the crowd concerning Warlocks picture by Wanokee

Therapy with Gabriel Ross

5.24.2020 Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills

Gabriel Ross was already holding everyone together...

And now he is there in his new role in the Black Mass, looking after the spiritual well being of friends and family.  

Gabriel led first with his own doubts, though he has been a proverbial bulwark.

But no one is immune from doubt, but as the Horde needs us to be strong, these therapy sessions are much needed... I am sure many will return.

Gathering to speak about doubts and insecurities

Looks Like Therapy

Sightings Around Azeroth

Special Thanks to Pogo'pogo, Kaylla, Nessima, Zel'wah, Tor Trambrak, Kaylan, Zen'a, Branharak... and Khal'thul for taking and sharing some great pictures!

Zen'a Catches a Strange Sandstorm

Seer and Chieftain Travel in Tanaris

Is Nessima Sharing a Ride with Pogo'pogo?

Khal'thul and Shabindi make the Scarlets pay

Kaylan Ragetotem catches a lot tree dwellers

Branharak Challenges the Pathfinders

Zel'wah illuminated by the campfire

Behind the Caverns of Time

Pogo'Pogo Pathfinding

Tor Trambrak and friends in the Dark

Kaylla with some lighting effects!

Nessima and Friends Finding Shelter

Khal'thul - An Orc and his Wolf

Redwood Rescue

Finding Kazi

5.25.2020 Ruins of Mathystra, Darkshore

Pogo'pogo has not been whole.  We have all seen it.  Now it was time to find his better half, Kazi the faithful.

Using whiskers that the young hunter had held onto and a journey of spiritwalking led by the Seer, the group was able to track Kazi's progress to some ruins in North Darkshore, where some strange cat figurines existed.  Breaking them, Kazi was finally freed... but the group did not stop there, they found demons, humans, and the threat of Soggoth at the bottom of the troubles... 

Now, to re-unite spirit Kazi with his body...

Spirit Walking Among Friends

Spirit Kazi bonding with Pogo'pogo

What is the large pipe for?  Peace Talks?

Soggoth with a Large Sword in its Skull

Dark Human Magics at Work!

Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • May 30 Sat. 7pm server - Alliance attacks the Barrens - More details soon

  • May 31 Sun 4:30pm: Altar of Storms Rides for World Bosses

  • June 3 Wed. 6pm: Tall Tales & Epic Fables at the Amphitheater in Thunder Bluff.

  • June 6 Sat. Da Juju Jamba Ri - A celebration of Troll Heritage

  • June 8 Mon. 5pm: Redwood Rumble - Dueling at Crossroads

  • June 10 Wed. 8pm: Memorial Walk with Bughug

  • Juen 12 Fri. 5pm: Ayashe

For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord.  For Alliance, msg. Ardrus know your weekly events and I will be glad to post one in the Alliance RP Discord. 

  • Wed 5pm ST - Earth Mother Blessing with Stan of The Shattered Company

  • Sat 2:30pm ST - Scavenger Hunt with Kan'Dy of Atal'Alarion

  • Sun 2pm - Hancork's Fishing Tournament with Rainn / 6pm ST - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 


Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho or Ardrus @Winter#3381 or in game, or email to Lohkawaswildmane@gmail.com

Find Podcasts by Mikimao, featuring Grobbulus Events, Blackplague and Okwaho here:

New: Tales of De Loa by Pogo'pogo

Rumors from the Salty Sailor Tavern

Dangerous Rooftop Antics

Master Pathfinder or Great-Father Winter... That would explain how he gets everywhere, for we all know that Great-Father Winter is able to get around Azeroth in one night... but wait, he looks like he is stuck in the chimney.  Never mind... it's just Branharak

Mechanical Being on Darkshore

While finding Kazi, the Tribes came across some type of large mechanical construct.  It seems friendly, has a love of the sea, but is not rusted... Nby can you explain?

Not Food!

The Seer is sitting on a table in the Inn at Tarren Mill.  There were not a lot of chairs, workable chairs that is, and most of the times the chairs in human inns are not Shu'halo friendly anyway.  While the Seer is on a table, he is making sure everyone knows, he is not a steak!  Just Beefy ;)

Sleeping it Off?

Skybreaker found a large group of fighters resting after fights in Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin... Too Tired to make it to the Inn, these fighters have been going non-stop!

Redwood Tribes News

Skyseer's View

I am Okwaho Skyseer, adviser to the Redwood Tribes, Seer of the Earthen Ring, and speaker to the editor that writes these words. 


What draws the Horde together?  Sometimes, I do not know, but I see many attempting to make us stronger.

The more we congregate, the more we share and learn, the more we come to the aid of each other, it has to be helping.  At least, I hope so.

But I must say, there are ties that bind that are not yet tied together.  Allies that have not signed documents of allegiance or smoked the Pipe of Peace.

And there are family issues yet to be resolved, even as we join under the banner of Redwood.

There is still much to achieve.

Where in Azeroth is Gin'jojo

Keep track of that elusive Troll...

Somewhere in Ratchet perhaps?

Pogo'Pogo sleeps contentedly after the rescue of Kazi.  It does look comfortable

Trolls swimming?  This is an interesting part of the Troll's Rites of Passage

If you look closely, you can find the kitty that escaped the Great Hunters

The Orcs have found a leader.  Grol'throk guides the Orcs to Hellscream's memorial

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