Tales from an Alternate Time

Big Trouble in Little Stonard

Nov. 24-29 2020 The Barrens, Swamp of Sorrows and everywhere in between

Blood Feud Ended - Enough is Enough says Sage Okwaho Skyseer.  While the Sage and Chieftain had traveled to Stonard in peace and willing to make things right, the Grin that came to the Barrens for blood opened the door for the Sage to make a case to thwart them.. not to mention that Shonte Daud physcally lives.  Even as the Grin escaped the Kor'kron imprisonment, hastily written scrolls were sent and both sides realized they each could have communicated better to resolve the issue before it came to invading the land the Tribe as sworn and honor bound to defend.

Meanwhile, the Tribes' Council reminded the Warlord, who started the feud in the first place, and the Sage that they answer to the Council... a lesson both needed.

Oh... and the Witch Doctah, Council Zel'wah, has offered to assist about the tormented soul of the original Shonte Daud... will the Grin take him up on that offer?

May we borrow your Forge?

Dec. 2 2020

Badlands to Ironforge

Redwood Tribes and allies assault Ironforge... just for a few minutes, while Bluff Captain Kaylan Ragehorn took up the blacksmith's hammer, and crafted the Hand of Sulfaras, which has served her well ever since. 

But will the Longwalker think if the Tribes are able to get her home?

The Grin Stole Winter's Veil?

Dec. 14 - 16 2020 - Dun Morogh

Whether you were at Inductions or Thunder Bluff, word soon arrived that the Blacktooth Grin had stolen the Winter's Veil presents... and offered the Hand and Redwood a riddle to lead them on a merry chase to Dun Morogh to face off against the longbeards.

The Grin then led the allies around Dun Morogh and into Ironforge itself before finally meeting up with Regag Gorfrunch Smashblade who explained the Grin's lesson and gave out presents to honor the season.


Okwaho was reminded that of all the races, it is only the Dwarves that understand the season's message as the Shu'halo do.  It seemed a surprise to the Grin that the Tribes and the Hand had no problem crossing blades with the Alliance, and there would be more opportunities to do so again on the horizon.

Of course, there was a preponderance of gnomes that seemed to have joined the Horde this night?  

The Scourge!

12.03.2020 Light's Hope Chapel

As the lands saw the Invasion of the Scourge, cub reporter for the Redwood Times found himself in Light's Hope Chapel mingling with Horde and Alliance equally.  Perhaps that reporter's press pass we hand carved was critical to his success.  Of course, this is not about Peace between Horde and Alliance, this is only about a common enemy and the Argent Dawn.  But on this day, no harm came to a wide-eyed young Shu'halo reporter.

Trapped in a Pocket of Time

Dec. 20 2020 - Caverns of Time

Skybreaker and the Tribes, along with their allies in the Hand and Grin, were finally ready to pierce the Caverns of Time and the repeating time bubble where they thought their Longwalker was being held. 


What did they find?  Another of the Infinite Dragonflight, toying with the rescuers, or so it thought. 


Armed with time pieces from the bronze dragonflight, the allies were able to focus on the task at hand, defeating everything that attacked them, including a massive and powerful Dragon and saving Kaylan Ragehorn, the younger. 


Far above them, was a silhouette of another group huddling around another victim: someone from the future, an alternate reality, or another traveler finding their way home... We may never know... or we may learn in Stonard on Jan 24, 2021

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage - Undisclosed Location - House of Jani

Okwaho Skyseer seen here joining a very specific Troll Rite of Passage where the Loa, Jani, was the guest of honor.   To understand more, the Sage participated in the rite ... as did Warlord Gin'jojo.  Are these two finally agreeing on things? 

Winter's Veil

12.18.2020 Cave in Winterspring

Sightings Around Azeroth

In no particular order, thanks to:

Shonte, Zel'wah Branharak, Raush, Cin'dol, and Kaylla for contributions

Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • Jan 22 - 6pm  Thunder Bluff Debate Society - is it time to break ties with the Forsaken?  

  • Jan 23 - 12pm Mue'jin's Mortal Kombat  - Gurubashi Arena   11am registrations open.  See advertisements

  • Feb 3rd  - 6pm Thunder Bluff - Tall Tales & Epic Fables

  • Feb 5th - 6:30pm Radiant Incursion

  • Feb 12th 5pm - Mardi Grobb - Nighthaven, Moonglade


For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord.  For Alliance, msg. Ardrus know your weekly events and I will be glad to post one in the Alliance RP Discord. 

  • Sun 430 -Face your Demons with Gabriel Ross, weekly therapy group - Tarren Mill               On HOLD

  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 

  • Saturday and Monday at 7pm Triffy D'argentine leads all new groups with The Lighthouse


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Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.1

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Breaking News!

Strange looking Shu'halo ride the road from Bloodhoof Village to Thunder Bluff... Or, those are Orcs!  Are they riding to war against the Bluffs.  Maybe instead of safety railings to stop visitors falling off, we may need to build them up as a defense against attack.  Of course, these Orcs are not attacking Thunder Bluff, they are tribesmen of Redwood returning to the Bluffs from a recent Rites.  Lok'tar Ogar!

Redwood Tribes News

Skyseer's View

Where in Azeroth is Gin'jojo

I am Okwaho Skyseer, adviser to the Redwood Tribes, Seer of the Earthen Ring, and speaker to the editor that writes these words. 

Some of you have finally noticed that the Sage of Redwood Tribes has not been feeling well.  

Well, there are many in the Tribes who are not well.  But the Scourge have arrived as the Forsaken have warned.  Regardless of injuries, spiritual of physical, there is only fighting off this threat.  We will heal when it is time.

As we look to the Spring, we celebrate the growth of the Tribes and the coming together of the Tribes.  We seem to be clashing less and less and looking to understand one another even more.

On the other hand, the Forsaken are probably wondering why the next Debate features them.  It is best to get all concerns out in the open and let the Forsaken defend themselves, as we all have had to do as we build bridges.

Earth Mother watch over us all!

Keep track of that elusive Troll

Redwood Hanging Out

Okwaho is greeted as he emerges

with his new mount

A Tribe of Gnomes?

Branharak Skybreaker, Moon Watcher

Branharak Skybreaker, Moon Watcher 2

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