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Ancient Times mixed with some
Red Sand on Skull Rock

Red Sand Charter News

Forming of the Red Sand Charter
Mercenary Guild

Orgrimmar, The Drag, Under the "Dark Kree" 

Picture courtesy of Ana a.k.a. "Fingertips"


The Red Sand Charter Mercenary Group began their journey.  Even as they did, the drag became filled with many others on their way to pledge themselves and their tribes or clans to Thrall, the new Warchief of the Horde.  
But here, the mercenaries took part in a ritual of blood and the red sand of Durotar under the guidance of an Orc Crone, Throm'mom. 

For a few of the members, they not only joined the guild, but they recieved their first engraving, a mark signifying their journey and their

to the guild.  This mark was specific and special to each participant and will be added to as they grow within the organization.  With one engraver delayed for an unforeseen difficulty Throm'mom was quick to send for Ana "Fingertips" to help as the mercenary guild was clearly going to continue to grow.

Pledge to Thrall.jpg

Even from center of the Drag, the voices of Redwoods and Frostwolves and numerous others could be heard making their pledge, but in their haste to give Thrall his due, they had passed by this group, fighters, defenders, healers, each with a need in their eyes and a desire to find a home and family in their hearts.  Whatever their past or future there was no questioning the desire of those present as they each pledged. 

When the Red Sands call your name, you will find us where  the blood has made the sand the darkest and when all else fail you, your brothers and sisters were welcome you to serve at our sides.

Original Picture of Redwood Tribes Pledging to Thrall, with many others in attendance, Frostwolf Clan, Frostwolf Militia and many still undeclared

To further clarify: Timeline the Red Sands is formed at the start of classic/vanilla wow.  Some pictures may be shared from early Redwood days as a way to share a history already steeped with events and tales.  We welcome you to a different side of those early days in a classic time.

Death Comes

Orgrimmar, The Drag, The "Dark Kree"

The deaths were already piling up.  The mercenary band was embroiled in some early hard battles and needed to work together.  The warmongers had their work cut out from them.

While these Redwood's continued to gather and invoke the will of the Earthen Ring, the Red Sand members were called to honor their departed only to find a warmonger had fallen as well.

Their spirit cried out in the drag, agitated and distraught.  Guraka's shade called for 


gather for guraka.jpg

They were torn apart by raptors, so raptor heads would be imperative in quelling the shade's anger.  Others had fallen and more shades needing appeasing, especially Tokkar, the brave orc who died to the trolls of Echo Isles.

Nagasha, warmonger of the guild, met with a small group in the Barrens and the rampage against the raptors began.  Another group culled the deadly hyenas, and Alasahe led a small group to the Echo Isles.  Blood and offerings were returned to the "Dark Kree" and left for the blood to darken the sand and stones of Orgimmar.

What other offerings were given to the spirit walkers, few knew, but there were whispers of a dark ritual on the horizon to return a spirit to the fallen warmonger... Can your Earthen Ring match that, mighty Redwoods? 

The Red Sand will not be denied their warmonger!


Picture by new staff photographer
Wolfiez!  Welcome to the best newspaper crew on Azeroth!

Call of the Shaman Gathering.jpg

Original Picture of Redwood Tribes meeting in Razor Hill for the First Call of the Shaman, under the leadership of then Seer Okwaho Skyseer

Red Sand Recovery

Orgrimmar, Cleft of Shadows, Ragefire Chasm

Picture courtesy of Koq'tak before his fall

Red Sand Mercenaries show no fear heading into the depths of Ragefire Chasm on missions to recover mis-appropriated items and intelligence.

While not every member may have known of the reasons behind the excursion, they performed their job well

and their gathering may hold the key to certain invaluable techniques to return life to our fallen warmonger...

If successful, we may yet cheat death!

from koqtak.png

Who Wants to Haggle?

caravan prep 1_edited.png

Durotar, Razor Hill

Just within the prior few days, the Redwoods had gathered in this very spot to form their tribes full of Orcs, Trolls, and Shu'halo, but now we are here.  

Red Sand Charter helping with Caravan Prep and it became soon apparent that many new adventurers needed supplies so much that we gave them out for free.  Alchemical supplies and bags, hand crafted gear by Charter artisans and items picked up on travels by our own mercenaries.

Of course, we found many willing to return the favor and have new recruits for our warmongers to whip into shape.

As the charter grows, more blood will flow.  

caravan prep 2.jpg
Three Leaders Introducing themselves_edi

Original picture of the Tribes forming in Razor Hill with Ayashe Brightmane as First Chieftain.


Mulgore, Thunder Bluff

Tokkar, son of Tokkar makes his way to the Bluffs!

Overcoming many odds, the son of Tokkar braves the wilds between his home of Durotar to see more of the world than his father was ever able to see.  But it is the vision of Tokkar that lives on in his son.

If you chance to meet this noble young orc, you will be astounded by his positivity despite all that Azeroth has placed in  his way.  

We salute the young Orc and can not wait to see his further successes!

picture submission by Son of Tokkar

tokkar dolan.jpg

Rumors Overheard at the Inn

This house has lain empty for too long.  New Proprietors have taken over.  Come visit to learn more

Newmoon and Harvestmoon happen upon a disastrous attempt to overtake a well from the venture company

from ashanu.png

Sightings Around Azeroth

Contributions Kydo'ko and Ghostlight

mara 3.png
barrens sunrise.jpg
mara start.png

References from Classic

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.1

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.2

Find Podcasts by Mikimao (2019-2020), featuring Grobbulus Events, Blackplague and Okwaho here:

Podcast by Saeros (2021) featuring Grobbulus Events, Blackplague and Okwaho here:

pic for interview link.jpg

The Grim and Foreboding Tale (google document):

Redwood Tribes News

Words of a Mercenary

Kydo'ko Stormsfury, "Lightning's Claw" "Shattered Night"

Engraver of the Red Sand Charter Mercenary guild

Being a mercenary is not for everyone, but neither is being part of a clan or tribe or even being born again into an entire race beholden to one leader and one goal.  Some of us fall outside of the strictures of our culture and society. 

Red Sand Charter is here to welcome those that wander alone, to give a home to the homeless, and to keep each other safe in the harshest of storms. 


We are here to protect those that could not protect themselves, to lose no more to the daggers and arrows of Alliance dogs.   And we accept any and all that wish to join our ranks. 


When it is time, you will find us in Ratchet in a home close to the graveyard and gallows.  And if you are a Redwood, turn your gaze from the shadows, for we take the jobs and do the deeds that you refuse to accept as necessary for the survival of the Horde.


mara meetinkg.png

picture by Ghostlight as the Red Sand forms

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