Tales from an Alternate Time


7.24.2020 Valley of Trials, Durotar

We love ORCS!

History, hunting, stories, dueling... and many Orcs enjoying the festivities.  A traditional Kosh'harg was hard to match in the Orc's new home since leaving Draenor, but the Orc leaders of several clans and warbands came together and brought the festivities to the Valley of Spirits. 

Congratulations and gratitude to Grol'throk, Kaervek, Soria, Gorfrunch, and the many peons that "work, work" to make this event a reality!

picture above by Khal'thul

Earthen Ring Escapades Attendees Break Hourglass of Time

7.18.2020 Caverns of Time, Tanaris

Okwaho called everyone together to commence a spirit walk to Ahn'Qiraj itself at the behest of the Earthen Ring.  The intent was to observe and collect information from the spirit realm so as not to be in any danger should ancient forces be too powerful.  If the numbers gathered were greater in strength than the growing threat buried beneath Ahn'Qiraj, then an attack could be made then and there.

The spirit walk was led by Okwaho, skirting the edges of the Emerald Dream, which some Druids, like Sage Firetotem, had already warned were growing more nightmarish by the day, but the growing darkness in South Kalimdor was judged a more dire threat.

Unknown to those that were led, a bronze dragon dove at the group within the spirit realm and Okwaho managed to do as he said he would if danger arose, and pulled everyone out of the Spirit realm, but before the destination.

The group awakened to find they were not in Ahn'Qiraj and they now had a new guide, a young Highmountain Shu’halo from the future who bore untold scars and shimmering markings, who seemed just as surprised to see them.  While some accepted their guide, and someone in the group had already met young Leidolfr once before, many were suspicious of the oddly speaking Shu’halo.

As Leidolfr led the groups down the tunnel towards the main cavern and attempted to keep people out of harm's way, some group members experienced glimpses of ethereal bronze drakes sliding past them, or a nip at a tail, or a nudge from a dragon snout.  Others had more extreme reactions including the Chieftain of the Tribes and Father Lyle Brooks that raised much concern and increased the speculation that Okwaho had led them into a dangerous situation on purpose and that Leidolfr was in collusion with the Seer to cause more confusion.

When the group reached the main cavern, Leidolfr had suggested they search for something to assist them with the problem of the Old God rising to power in Ahn'Qiraj.  Presumably that is why the famous Redwood Pathfinders climbed to the top of the Hourglass of Time… its sands swirling within, sliding down the sides within as time forges forward into the future.

Suddenly there was a shout and a cacophony of sound as the glass splintered atop the Hourglass… where the silhouettes of the pathfinders stood!  Pogo’pogo’s voice echoing, “It was Skybreakah '' filled the cavern as Branharak Skybreaker stood above everyone, specks of strange shifting sand evaporating from his clothes.

Everyone appeared to flee or hearth, some even before Leidolfr’s cry of “Get out, Go!” though some stayed attempting to get more answers from the Highmountain; one person sought those answers at the tips of her daggers as he hearthed away…. But to where?

Back in Thunder Bluff, Zel’wah and others finally find the Seer on the floor of the longhouse where the journey began… a scorch mark across the left side of his snout and from him they learn of the attack by the bronze dragon…

From there… the journey moves forward.

The travellers meet Leidolfr

Is there someone up there?

Pogo'Pogo captures the moment the Redwood Tribes Pathfinders make a dire mistake

PVP Celebration

Warlord Nby of Redwood Tribes

7.15.2020 Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar

The Tribes and many allies celebrate the hard work and daring escapades of their Safety Inspector!  

Warlord Nby Addresses the Crowd


The Shattered Company's Ujay Has Words for the New Warlord


Branharak Skybreaker Takes a Close-up of the New Warlord

Dwarf Retaliation

7.22.2020 Ironforge, Dun Morogh

Redwood Tribes Tribune Sauromoon masterminded a plan to take Ironforge by surprise.... or to at least stand at the Gates of Ironforge by surprise.  Any further and it seemed all the Dwarves were well aware that the Tribes and Friends had come for a visit.  Some welcomed us inside and we thought we might get some ale out of the trip, but others seemed upset.

We are just walking here... in Kharanos

Oops, something not right here

So far, So Good

And back to walking. Nothing to see here.

Mission Accomplished

BBQ in Durotar - Part 2

7.12.2020 Gates of Orgrimmar, Durotar

This is a BBQ and not an open invitation to PVP

Once in awhile, you want some BBQ, such as some pork, chicken, a good steak or two.  We are very generous at the BBQ and often give out second helpings.

There is ale and plenty of good stories, as well.

There also seems to be a lot of Alliance.  The last BBQ it was some Dwarves looking for a tussle and seemed happy to find us.

This time, we did not see any Dwarves, but we took off after the Alliance and chased them from the front gates.  They went to the rear gate of Orgimmar, but fared no better.  

The lesson: Stop attacking Orgrimmar on our BBQ nights!

More Adventures

The Lich Hunt

a.k.a. Assault on Deadwind Pass

7.25.2020 Under Karazhan, Deadwind Pass

The Path to the Ancient Ruins of Karazhan

The Hand of Lordaeron sent word that they had identified the hiding place of a Lich that had been responsible for many of their issues, including Terrordale, (see last edition) and the loss of Gabriel Ross' memories.

We rode to Karazhan and quickly recognized the Scourge and noticed that Branharak Skybreaker seemed to grow much colder than the rest of us, though the chill was evident sign that the Lich was in the area.

Scouting the area, we found a tunnel 

system beneath the small derelict village outside of Karazhan and we entered, quickly regretting that we did not bring more torches. 

Traps were mostly avoided, though with difficulty in the dark, and noises of skittering scourge were magnified in the rooms creating even more tension in the dark.  The group became divided with Lyle, Gabriel, Okwaho, and Blackplague getting to the Lich first... and getting mind-controlled though each fought to break free as they were forced to fight their companions.  

Finally free of the Lich's control, the group as one turned on the Lich, who attempted to flee, only to find that the hand had destroyed his Phylactery a short time before.  Some who bore curses from early attempts to find the Lich or from being around him and believing him an ally, found that ailments and troubles eased, including Skybreaker's extreme cold and finally, the memories of Gabriel Ross were returned.  

We need to remember torches next time the Hand calls on us!

Returning to Thunder Bluff, the Pools of Vision Look Ominous

Sweet, Sweet Testing

7.18.2020 Twilight Camp, Silithus

As the Seer prepared for a dangerous spirit walk to Silithus, KB led a group of Hand and friends to gather information with Father Lyle Brooks, and to collect something from a bug sac that he declined to mention was "honey" to use in new drink concoctions.  The group was divided up to fact find and engaged in various tasks and tests to provide answers and to test themselves in a gauntlet set of examinations against the environment and each other.  Everyone seemed to pass the tests... but in the end, it was without doubt that some may think twice about getting caught up in search for unknown items at KB's direction.

Some of the more experienced did their best to keep up.

Honey?  Finally some answers

Save the Dates!

Sightings Around Azeroth

Special Thanks to Amberhoof, Roh'vok, Ayashe, Pogo'pogo, Branharak, and Blackplague for taking and sharing some great pictures!

Pathfinder Pogo'pogo admiring The Hinterlands

Amberhoof catches the flow of time

Okwaho sharing time with younglings.

Something strange about pineapple wallpaper

Roh'vok and the lads chillin' at the BBQ

Blackplague "sees" An'she rise over Azshara

Branharak Skybreaker finds a safe in Ironforge? Can he break that too?

Ayashe and the Seer spend time in Ungoro Crater

Ayashe learns about the Light

What a nice looking island

Summoning a Big Friend in Alterac Valley

Dusk over Stonetalon courtesy of Branharak

Okwaho just wants a bed that he can stretch out on

Search the Barrens

7.27.2020 The Barrens

Ms. Kea requested help searching for some lost items... in the entire Barrens.  The items were a bit peculiar when grouped together, but Okwaho and Zelhunt received the finder's fee to split as they turned over every stone and even killed a few Dwarves in the process.

Returning Victorious - Zelhunt and Okwaho

Face your Fears

Weekly Meeting

7.19.2020 Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills

After Terrordale and the breaking of the Hourglass of Time a meeting of the Face your Fears group seemed the perfect answer.  Some were still suffering effects of both outings and looking for help in recovery.  

While some had answers to previous questions like the Seer, others found aid from fellow participants.  

Gabriel Ross,who led the meeting, seemed a bit distracted much to everyone's surprise.

Another meeting for support and affirmation

Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • August 5 Wed. 6pm: Tall Tales & Epic Fables

  • Aug 15 and Aug 22 6pm: Redwood's Grim and Foreboding Tale rolls to completion

  • August 25 - Celebrate 1 year of Grobbulus RPPVP in the Barrens - Plans being organized

  • August 28 Fri. 5:30PM: Burning Grob - Crossfaction - 1 year anniversary of Grobbulus.

For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord.  For Alliance, msg. Ardrus know your weekly events and I will be glad to post one in the Alliance RP Discord. 

  • Sun 2pm - Hancork's Fishing Tournament with Rainn / 6pm ST - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 

  • Sun 430 -Face your Demons with Gabriel Ross, weekly therapy group - Tarren Mill 

  • Saturday and Monday at 4pm Triffy D'argentine leads all new groups with The Lighthouse


Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho or Ardrus @Winter#3381 or in game, or email to Lohkawaswildmane@gmail.com

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New: Tales of De Loa by Pogo'pogo

Rumors from the Salty Sailor Tavern

Is that Gin'jojo?

This is just one instance of Gin'jojo being found digging up or collecting bones.  Branharak Skybreaker burned one book of necromancy, yet it looks like Gin'jojo is going down the path of darkness again.

That's a New Look

Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane has been having some identity issues of late, or so it seems.  No Ms. Brightmane, this is not your Horde mount to take to the theater!

Electric Boogaloo 2

It looks like Akunda has infused Branharak Skybreaker with a bunch of power, maybe more than he can handle.  

We have already seen Skybreaker juiced up once before... can the world survive again?

Amphibian Admiration

Pogo'pogo and crew find some very large frogs, enough to feed a small village judging by the pictures brought back.

Redwood Tribes News

Skyseer's View

I am Okwaho Skyseer, adviser to the Redwood Tribes, Seer of the Earthen Ring, and speaker to the editor that writes these words. 

As people we know begin to act strangely, perhaps we should listen to their concerns, or at least try to find out what is bothering them. 

of course, I am hearing that some are having visions of bronze dragons or giant bugs such as those found in Silithus.  

It seems with so much happening, few are remembering that we have a large concern, and it is not the Old God under the sands of Silithus, it is the sands that are sliding out of the Hourglass of time.

What happens when the sand runs out?

Where in Azeroth is Gin'jojo

Keep track of that elusive Troll...

and his new mount!

Redwood Hanging Out

Master Gin'jojo's new little friend

Ayashe found some large bones

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