Tales from an Alternate Time

Redwood Raid: A Grim and

Foreboding Tale (Part 2)

August - September 2020 Azeroth

From raising zombies to attack Stormwind to a Naga's corruption of a Chieftain there seemed no respite from the damage done to the Hourglass of Time.

After barely recovering the Chieftain and containing the Naga within her, The Tribes tried to return to business as usual, and sent scrolls with invitations to the usual Tall Tales, happy to continue the long standing tradition and bring delight to the High Chieftain.  And all seemed well, though the Hand of Lordaeron in attendance seemed agitated concerning the loss of one of their members.

Only later learning that Master Gin'jojo's alternate had kidnapped Anedrion from them, the crowd was suddenly entertained by one Okwaho Grimtotem... from a timestream where the Grimtotem and Bloodhoofs ruled together and getting the Orcs agitated along the way was a tale of how the Shu'halo had taken in and rescued the Orcs when they first arrived in Azeroth.

In one instant, the madness had gone from the Chieftain of the Tribes to two more leaders and several more alternates were being discovered, some who had not stepped foot in the caverns of time... at least this Okwaho appeared to understand what had happened and began to immediately work on a plan to make things right.

The Grimtotem Sage stepped into a situation in the Plaguelands with the Hand, as well as many others in the Tribes, which will be detailed in a different story in this edition of the Times, but whatever was plaguing the Hand was linked to the forces at work in the chaos of Time, as the protaganist there called out to him directly... but like the Seer, this Okwaho did not stray from his plan, which including enlisting the help of Raush Cloudsong in a Spiritwalk to get him back to his timestream and the Seer back to ours with a plan to attack the Caverns of Time at the same time in three moons.

"The Armies of the Dead Attack Stormwind"

Meanwhile, Gin'jojo Rottentusk, raised armies of undead, mindless ghouls and zombies, and with the corrupted Anedrion of the Hand of Lordaeron, threw his minions against the walls of Stormwind

Further Concerns and The Caverns of Time Finale...

Unbeknowst to the Tribes, upon Grimtotem's return to his timestream, the Seer was blocked from returning and instead, the malevolent force behind the cracking of the Hourglass and the chaos that ensued now took his place.  Bran Skybreaker switched again leaving Branharak to face a nightmarish reality where C'thuun's forces were destroying all life on Azeroth.  Raush and Jayzakk took pity on Bran and tried to hide him away, but unwittingly told the evil Okwaho where to find him.  Bran was brought forcefully to the Caverns of Time, while the Naga inhabiting Ayashe was able to take over and bring her there.  

And unfortunately, another victim of Time, Longwalker Ragehorn attempted to go alone to the Caverns and resolve the issues of the various timestreams, only to become lost herself, and an alternate from the future stepped into her place.  The time issues were steadily growing worse.

Redwood called their allies and found their way inside The Caverns of Time once more.  Finding both Bran Skybreaker and a dark and sinister Naga, the group split up and engaged them both, though both groups feared what would happen if they killed either of the foes.

Some held back, but in the end, the Naga gave no quarter and was brought down, while Bran surrendered but requested a merciful death, not wanting to return to the horrors of his Azeroth torn asunder.  Unsure that his death would bring Branharak back to this time, the request was eventually granted, much to the chagrin of all present... save the malevolent Okwaho.

In the end, the Dragon, Yrorrym, Lord of Twilight, that inhabited Okwaho, one of the leaders of the Infinite Dragonflight ejected them all from the Caverns with a warning to not return, though he knew they would.

Finding themselves in Gadgetzan, the Chieftain and the returned Branharak Skybreaker were immediately returned to the Bluffs for desperate healing measures and the rest of the group made plans to return... only to find Grol'throk, Gin'jojo Rottentusk, Nowta Firetotem, and a host of chaotic dragons awaiting them.  Upon entering, Nathera Younghoof could wait no longer and charged the Hourglass trying to find a way home, only to cause further problems and becoming another entity that needed defeating.  Above them all, sitting on the Hourglass orchestrating events was Yrorrym, but as one by one his Redwood minions failed him, The Grimtotem and Skyseer Okwahos combined to knock him from his perch.  Their daring plan to stop the motion of Azeroth itself, holding time still while all those that could see the arcane "time sand" to collect each granule and see it safely back into the Hourglass itself; each grain representing one being out of place in time or reality to be returned to the proper place.  Had they succeeded both would have perished, but Skyseer, the spiritwalker of the two, pushed Grimtotem back to his proper timestream and held on as best he could supported by shaman from all the affected timestreams.

 When the Shamans could no longer hold the rotation of the world and hence hold time standing still no longer, Okwaho felt his attention pulled to a clover shroud and a strength of earth totem... he knew them and knew that in the shroud was the body of the deceased Shonte Daud.  If it was here, perhaps he could change at least that fate before he sacrificed his own existence.  Every breath was agony, his own body becoming a dried out husk, but he called one last request, for the Druids present to call for the seed of life at the location of the shroud and as the Seer fell, he grabbed hold of an exposed wrist and toppled to the sandy floor below him.   Throughout the time stoppage, the rescuers had fought Yrorrym, but it was the bronze dragon they had befriended that put a stop to the madness.  She had waited for the last second, when either the Hourglass would shatter or she would mend the cracks.  Time moving forward again as the Seer fell was her signal to act.  The young bronze dragon pieced together the Hourglass as sturdy as it ever was, however the Seer laid lifeless amidst several grains of sand, lives displaced, that had not been rescued despite the heroic efforts.

In the end, it was Nowta Firetotem, Sage and Council of the Shu'halo that somehow returned breath to the dried and lifeless husk of the Seer and the Tribes that came to the aid of watching over the rest of the wounded and rescued back on the Bluffs.

But what of those grains of sand that still exist in this timestream, some from an alternate reality, some from the future, and some duplicates living in the same timestream together...

Mysteries of the Mist

Investigation of the The Undercroft

9.4.20 The Undercroft, Eastern Plaguelands

Recap:  The Hand of Lordaeron had called upon their allies once before to investigate an unnatural occurrence in the Eastern Plaguelands... After only a couple of hours in the darkness of the Mists, all had succombed to various degrees of insanity and suffered debilitating curses... and now, Blackplague gathered them again.

The Plaguelands were as normal as ever; that is to say, the beasts were unnaturally ill, the land was diseased and barren of life and thus the group came together to find the root of evil in the Undercroft, a mausoleum in the southern part of the Plaguelands.

As soon as they stepped within the borders of the graveyard, the Mists enveloped them and madness began to take those, especially those who were affected most deeply upon the last journey; not even those displaced from their own timestream fared any better if their counterpart had succombed weeks past.

Finding the way into the Undercroft barred, the group

began working together, at least those still sane, to gain entry.  The longer it took to open the way, the more insanity grew, until finally Exothermic was able to find a way past... though at what cost?

Entering rather abruptly, the group descended the stairs and made their way past numerous undead.  Below them could be heard the screams of a charger, that the Deathlord was certain was his, but upon reaching the ground floor, the charger was no more a horse than they were.  

The group fought the demon before them but then just as quickly turned on each other as madness took hold.  Some tried to hide, some only cared about their own selves, in the end none could stand against the Deathlord, who finally having no one left to fight, sunk down and played with a necklace stolen from Redwood's Troll Council.

Slowly assistance arrived, the mists dissipated enough to

allow help to enter.  But the true healing is still ongoing, for who knows when the mists and forces driving them will return...

Aftermath and more Aftermath

Therapy, Care, and Answers

9.13.20 Therapy - Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff

The next events, chronicle healing from the previous mishaps written about above.

Gabriel Ross, already taken care of Branharak Skybreaker  stated emphatically, that Face your Demons weekly therapy would be held at Spirit Rise on Thunder Bluff, near his and Zel'wah's growing list of patients.  

Master Gin'jojo, restored to his correct timestream was in a foul mood and denouncing all Loa, especially Gral.  A newcomer to therapy attempted to heal the Troll only making matters worse, with his supposed use of "healing mists, which included drawing the essence of ale and sending it into the bloodstream of the disgruntled Troll... essentially causing the Troll to get very drunk and fall asleep for the rest of therapy.  Asking the Brewmaster about his healing techniques he claimed this was a success.

The rest of therapy was handled by Gabriel Ross and Lyle Brooks and several Forsaken were able to get help to see their way through the crisis that life can throw at those living for a second time.  This included Exothermic, who was no longer feeling the urge to burn things up and the Great and Powerful Anedrion, who was no longer leading a cadre of minions for the alternate Gin'jojo.

Afterwards, the group checked in on Branharak Skybreaker who had been unconscious for several days since returning to this timestream.

On the other hand, Nby awakened, weak, but alive; her presence helping Branharak to rest easier.

9.16.20 Redwood Ranks - Youngling Edition - Ashenvale Assault

Patrols still need to go on, and making their way into enemy territory, the younglings of Redwood answered the challenge.  From Crossroads they ran north until entering the forests of Ashenvale and made their way to the coast.

Seeing many strange sights, including a sword in the skull of what they believed to be a dark servant of an Old God, one Soggoth the Slitherer, Herald.  Unsure what all this portended, it was clear enough that the cultists in the area were up to no good... that and a book was found that knocked several of the younglings to their feet...


Did they ever report this to the Elders for a proper investigation?

9.18.20 Redwood Weekly Circle - Crossroads, The Barrens-Promotions

A recovered Chieftain continued to hound her Tribesmen to report to the Crossroads and eventually, the Seer and Tribunal Skybreaker were finally able to comply.  There was the loss of Nowta Firetotem, council of the Shu'halo and other rolls that needed to be filled.  Life must go on... eventually, The Chieftain promoted the Seer to the position of Sage of the Tribes and Master Gin'jojo of the Trolls to Warlord.  Skybreaker and Zel'wah were moved into positions as Council and the Tribes fell into a new formation behind the Chieftain.

More Answers and Resolutions

10.05.20 Hand of Lordaeron Inductions - Undercity Throne Room

The last time, Redwood Tribes was formally invited to attend the Induction Ceremony of the Hand of Lordaeron, Lyle Brooks, or the mimic Lyle Brooks, was cleaved in two by the Deathlord Luciian.  

But they came anyway, and after inductions, Luciian surprised everyone.  Finally cured of the Undercroft curses, he found the necklace that he had come upon belonged to Gin'jojo of the Tribes and returned it to him and called him friend.

And then came a story of the Lich King and a confession that may shake up the Hand if the Deathlord does not tread carefully.  The Tribes departed certain this is not over.

Thunder Bluff Debate

9.21.20 Amphitheater, Thunder Bluff

In discussion of the Ethical way to make Gold... crafting, buying & selling, killing and selling?  Or is gold important at all?  Kurthose, Narr, Leidolfr, and Khornbawe made their points and so did a Forsaken, though his may have gotten lost in the groaning delivery... or maybe it didn't as he made a new friend.

Matters of Engineering

9.25.20 Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff

Leidolfr, for those that don't know is a Shu'halo, a Highmountain Shu'halo from the future.  He had expected to be sent home when the Hourglass of Time was repaired... instead he is still in our present and trying to find ways to be helpful.  To that end, he was assigned the task of fixing the problem of Ale on Thunder Bluff, specifically that there is none.  Bringing together the engineers in the Tribe and others with inspirational suggestions, there will soon be a tavern on the lower rise, Spirits of the Earthmother... stay tuned for more information.

A Wedding... Finally

10.03.2020 Gabriel Ross and Lyle Brooks Wedding - Azshara

Congratulations to Mr. and Father Ross!

With guest DJ, Uyles the after party was complete with dancing and celebrations long into the night!

and a gift befitting a special couple, put together by none other than one of the best men, Blackplague.

Trial of Style

9.26.20 Trial of Style - Orgrimmar

Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane offered up some prizes and she and Master Gin'jojo judged the contestants in three categories and their ability to work the crowd.  Before the event, Meon was the center of attention, but for the main event, Branharak Skybreaker stole the stage!

Party in Stormwind

Or Why Can't We Have Inns Like This?

9.27.2020 Mage Quarter, Stormwind

Master Gin'jojo arranged a surprise for Roadhouse guests and booked travel through the good graces of a team of warlocks for the Horde to visit the Capital of the Alliance, Stormwind.

The ale was good, but the guards once in awhile were a bit rowdy, but that is nothing strange at a Redwood Roadhouse! 

Drinking, dancing, and Brawling... and a little trip to the Ironforge Museum for the newly appointed Sage of Redwood!

Sightings Around Azeroth

Branharak's View after ...

Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • Oct 23 - Friday 6pm: Thunder Bluff Debate Society - Ethical Food Choices in Azeroth

  • Oct 24 - Saturday 2pm: Clans of Kalimdor Part 4 involving Redwood Tribes in Thunder Bluff

  • Oct 25 - Sunday 3pm: Brewery Construction Meeting

  • Oct 31 - Saturday 5pm: Hallows End followed by Rising of the Zombies - level 1-10 forsaken attack on Stormwind

For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord.  For Alliance, msg. Ardrus know your weekly events and I will be glad to post one in the Alliance RP Discord. 

  • Sun 430 -Face your Demons with Gabriel Ross, weekly therapy group - Tarren Mill 

  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 

  • Saturday and Monday at 7pm Triffy D'argentine leads all new groups with The Lighthouse

  • Hancork's fishing with Hancork and Rainn served our community greatly for the first year of Grobbulus! Stay tuned as the torch is passed to Branharak Skybreaker and all new events with prizes will be announced soon


Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho or Ardrus @Winter#3381 or in game, or email to Lohkawaswildmane@gmail.com

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.1

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.2

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Clans of Kalimdor Campaign News

Word came to the Tribes and to many Horde leaders of a disturbance of the elements and a request for help in investigating the cause from the Mystics of Clans of Kalimdor.  The journey has encompassed many lands, from Arathi Highlands, to the Throne Room at Undercity and eventually leading to a surprise attack by the Alliance.  Their Chieftain kidnapped, the Clans will arrive at Thunder Bluff where Redwood stands ready to assist.  (Thank you to Branharak Skybreaker for the pictures!)  Stay tuned as the Clans attempt to rescue their leader and solve the mystery of the elements!

Azeroth War Campaign Coverage

Clashes Throughout the Lands

9.28.20 The Blacktooth Grin vs. Mystical Stump

10.02.20 ACAB vs. Damage Networks

Interviewed after the fights, Hi of ACAB stated, "They're some of the best, we knew that going into it, but we're not going to stop until that internment camp is in ruins!"

10.03.2020 The Battle for Silverwing Outpost

World Eaters vs. Wrath of Cenarius pictures courtesy of Gin'jojo

Redwood Tribes News

Skyseer's View

I am Okwaho Skyseer, adviser to the Redwood Tribes, Seer of the Earthen Ring, and speaker to the editor that writes these words. 

Our profuse apologies on the delay of getting out the Redwood Times and then cramming it full of about six weeks of happenings... including the Clans of Kalimdor Story Arc and the re-opening of the Azeroth War Campaign!!!  So far, the battles an stories have been a lot of fun to keep track of.

The Redwood Times Reporting Staff will try to keep up and get back on track to two issues a month or who knows, maybe more because there are a lot of stories still to come on Grobbulus and wherever our paths take us!

Get ready for Naxxramus folks and later, the Legion!  

Where in Azeroth is Gin'jojo

Keep track of that elusive Troll

Redwood Hanging Out

Wura Honored by Thrall

Redwood Tribes War Council

Roadhouse in Brill

They Killed the Gnome Killerwatt

Time to Kill More Green Dragons

Gin'jojo Atop the Masts with Cruze

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