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Last Tales from Ancient Times

Finishing Up Recent Tales

Breaking the Runeblade:

Spirit Rise and Black Rock Mountain
May 11, 2021

breaksword 1.jpg

Tensions high, hopes hanging by a thread, the Tribes gathered on Spirit Rise attempting to break the Runes on the Sword holding Taharkah's soul.  Leidolfr Redwood, the Highmountain Shu'halo from a future and alternate timeline of the Tribes, had set up a rune carving business out of Sura Wildmane's Leather Shop while he awaited an opportunity to return to his own dimension.  The Tribes called upon his expertise, though Leidolfr insisted a Rune Master was needed, and he could only try his best.

As Leidolfr began to work, finding a 

combination of Runes to counteract the runes on the Death Knight sword, those around Spirit Rise began to hear whisperings and threats, while Taharkah lay before them.  Only a few calm heads kept Roh'vok, Raush Cloudsong, and others from trying to physically break the sword and try to rescue their friend's soul, who seemed to be in more agony with each rune that melted or faded away in a painstakingly slow effort.  

One sword rune already damaged, seemed to cause the most strife as it was attacked anew by a healing rune at the hands of the young Shu'halo and finally, gazing upon the last rune at the cross hilt of the sword, Leidolfr confessed that this last one was hidden from him by a larger threat in the Southern lands... a threat that loomed large in his mind even though it was a threat in his correct time and place.

breaksword 3.jpg

Still, Longwalker Ragehorn and Friend Branharak Skybreaker stayed by Leidolfr's side, their faith giving him the strength to try one thing and trust to the Earth Mother to see them through.  Reaching a hand into his rune pouch, each rune hand carved in petrified wood from Stonetalon Mountains, Leidolfr pulled one rune out and physically slammed it down onto the last sword rune... 

Breaking the last rune, the voices, the whispers, the cries all dissipated, and life returned to the eyes of the Tribes warrior and sister in arms Taharkah Thundersong.

But it did not end there...


Longwalker Ragehorn took back the blade and wrapped it in cloth, beginning a long march to Orgrimmar and beyond.  The tribes followed trusting and knowing the blade must be destroyed and finally reached the interior of Blackrock Mountain, far above the pool of never-ending lava that rests there.  Broken into several pieces, the sword was cast into the lava and the Tribes relaxed for the first time in many moons.

bran runesword 1.jpg
bran runesword.jpg

Picture above and to the left courtesy of Branharak Skybreaker

Stone Tithe

Darkcloud Pinnacle, Thousand Needles
May 13, 2021

Okwaho missing?  While visiting his Skyseer relations, Camp Taurajo was attacked by a renegade band of Grimtotem, led by an overly large Shu'halo with earth elementals at his beck and call.  Taking the Sage they escaped to Dark Cloud Pinnacle in Thousand Needles.  Learning of the kidnapping, the Tribes, just returned from Blackrock Mountain, rode hard through the Barrens to meet at Freewind Post.  Joined by allies, such as Gabriel Ross, Winterfang, and later the sly and clever Jay'zakk, the Tribes assaulted the Pinnacle.

stone 1.jpg

Large Shu'halo was either an understatement, or he, Hruon Grimtotem, Earthcaller and Renegade from the Earthen Ring, had grown massive amounts in just two passages of Mu'sha.  Standing three feet taller than Longwalker Ragehorn, the Tribes found him, holding the Sage of Redwood off the ground by his throat.  The Sage's armor was ripped asunder and strewn about the rise, and his fur was cut with welts and matted with blood.  And a large boulder, the former body of the Ancient Elemental currently dwelling in the Sage, was hovering nearby.

As Hruon Grimtotem attempted to steal the elemental inside the Sage by invoking the elemental's true name, Terebas the Shaper, four dark shaman chanted in unison to add power to his words.  The Tribes jumped in, some attacking the chanters while others went to break the Sage free.  Once the Sage was dropped, Raush Cloudsong pulled the Sage and another to safety, while the chanting dark shamans began to fall.  

stone tithe 2.jpg

A large target seemed to call for large demolitions according to Blacktooth Grin's Bannermaster Nyx Godwyn... and while the large Shu'halo was kept  busy, the wiry Grin set a charge with a short fuse and gave a quick yell for those closeby to take cover or get their guard up.  The explosion brought the Grimtotem renegade to his knees, while others closeby had to find a way to block the shrapnel, some being very lucky.

As the enemy collapsed, he called one more time for the elemental by its true name, but Jay'zakk, once a member of Redwood had arrived, knowing that the Sage had shown

interest in a totem he had been developing in his interest of shamanism.  Many passages of Mu'sha ago, in Stonetalon, Jay'zakk had shown the totem to Sage Okwaho Grimtotem and the elemental inside had created a small whirlwind of sand and gravel to swim up to the contraption and add themselves to the all-in-one totem.  Gears, gadgets, and pistons seemed in constant motion as the novice Shaman tried to call upon different elements from the combination totem.  Strangely intrigued, the Ancient Elemental that was housed in the Sage, seemed to be satisfied with his own additions to Jay'zakk's creation.  As the elemental could no longer resist his true name, he left the shelter of the Sage and slid inexorably towards the Earthcaller fighting with every step, until Roh'vok's axe took the Grimtotem Renegade's life.  

At that moment, the elemental used the totem and helped to shape it and his former body into a new form to house himself.  The elemental, speaking in Kalimag, wanted to keep his connections he had made with several of the tribesmembers, but was hesitant or perhaps he used the opportunity on Dark Cloud Pinnacle to help the Sage, who had gone to great lengths to help it.  Terebas the Shaper claimed he would be a benefactor to the Redwood if only the Sage would stop the war within himself and set aside the Grimtotem name.

Branharak Skybreaker reminded Okwaho of a conversation they had had, the Sage feeling more at home within the Redwood than he ever had the Skyseer and even more connection than ever with the Grimtotem. 

Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane accepted the Sage's request to become Okwaho Redwood, to serve the Tribes until life left him and returned the council cuffs to Council Branharak Skybreaker before the Tribes left the Grimtotem home. 

stone tithe final.jpg

New Section to the Times

Comedy Crossroads with Kathley Roe Vock



                I think about time a lot. How much time I had alive, how much time I had dead, how much I've had Dead-Alive, how much time I have left to be Dead-Alive. How all the Forsaken are living on borrowed time. I think about the time I tripped and fell down the stairs at Hearthglen, and my father stopped those zealot wackos from making me lick my blood off the stone. All the times those Redpine hillbillies told me I was going to burn if I didn't worship the light, well who's burning people now huh? huh?!

                Anyway, Times have changed many times in the time I've been here, in whatever form. I was born in a peaceful land, and half a lifetime later I'm dead, living in the same land after the apocalypse. It wasn't really an apocalypse for anyone else though, and when everyone else had their version, they either had survivors, or went extinct. Maybe they should have had a little more evil on their own side? There's nothing like getting a case of death, and then finding out that the second opinion was correct.

                It's about time to come together and make this timeline the best it can be for everyone. I never imagined I'd wake up dead and be reporting to a Deathlord. Good luck trying to explain that to your past self, even inside your own head. Or sitting at a fire next to a gigantic Shu'halo, just living life. Bad times, great times, the walk home after that fire, or the oat crumbs in the bed you passed out in, so you wake up looking like a breaded salmon and taking on the world with the honey roasted gauntlet stuck in your cellulitis ridden flesh. It all passes with time, so we must keep those times going ourselves. Times. Redwood Times. Read the Redwood Times.

The Last Few Weeks: 
it is best to go in order...

Journey to Meet the Sin'dorei

Eastern Kingdoms
May 14, 2021

pathfinding to smc.jpg

Branharak Skybreaker & Okwaho Redwood

pathfinding to smc 2.jpg

The Tribes' pathfinders found another far off land following a tip from a drunk sailor at the Gallows' End Tavern.  Shaman's were able to assist as the the Tribes travelled north above Brill and went around the northern edges of the Plaguelands to find a back route into the land of the Sin'dorei... long rumored lost and sheltering away from the rest of Azeroth there were some tense moments...

The Sin'dorei were startled and alarm to see a host of Redwoods and friends walking across the surface of the ocean! many thought an attack was immenent, but were relieved if suspicious when they found out they meant no harm.

A curious forsaken by the name of Davlor nearly ruined talks by curiously pointing at one of the Blood elves, finding his ears fascinating.

Fafi the peon decided it would be a lovely time to dig holes on the manicured grass of the area, fortunately Ayashe Brightmane distracted the excitable pink orc by temporarily ( or permanently? ) making her an honorary longwalker. This saved the ground from many many holes...

Krip'yup and Lewid, Trolls who were mistrusting of elves, and the feeling was mutual were board of talking and went around exploring, once Branharak and Trissian Goldfist got permission to remain for an hours time. They occupied themselves with perching on various objects as a show of dominance? they also idled their time by licking the native trees??? 

Lewid got the short end of the stick, after licking the wrong type of bark his tongue grew fuzzy! and he and Krip thought of cutting it off! thankfully Trissian was able to identify the symptom as "Fuzzy tongue", a reaction that only effects Trolls it seems... Lewid would have to endure this for a whole week, but it beats getting a tongue cut off.

pathfinding to smc 3.jpg
pathfinding to smc 4.jpg

Investigation and Discovery
of the Sin'dorei - by invitation

Silvermoon City
May 19, 2021

See Silvermoon City.  Investigate was more what the Sage had in mind as he joined several allies and tribesmembers in taking a strange portal to the Sin'dorei city.  The Forsaken had helped relieve the scourge threat to the Sin'dorei and the Horde was welcoming them to their ranks.


Led by one Chancellor Manimarco, several Sin'dorei met them at the interior of a magnanimous and luxurious set of suites; even as they exited, many eyes filled with wonder, they passed by Lor'themar Theron, current Regent Lord of Quel'thalas as the tour of wonder began.

investigate smc 1.jpg
investigate smc 2.jpg

While some stayed with the tour, a small group heard cries of warning from the front of the city and engaged some Longbeards, who were already seeking the blood of the Sin'dorei.  Falling back from the onslaught, the tribesmen were forced to tell the rest of the tour of the Dwarves incursion into their city.

While many mingled in the festive atmosphere, the Chieftain and others hailed the Sage to turn his attention to a small alcove and a being none had ever seen before... a "Naaru".  A few dissatisfied Sin'dorei claimed to be investigating why it was there and the connection to the Sin'dorei's Blood Knights.


This story is surely not over...

investigate smc 3.jpg

Tribal Meeting

Amphitheater, Thunder Bluff
May 21, 2021

The gathering of the Tribes is always a momentous occasion.  Standing before the High Chieftain, tribes-members brought their issues to the council.  More fruit trees were needed was one such request and was granted almost immediately.  But the bulk of the meeting turned to the Dark Portal and Demons, such as the one encountered outside the Undercity Courtyard.


A plan to enter the dark portal and stop the demons at their source was put forward and accepted... though only for those that were willing to risk the danger.  The tribes-members that remain will focus on support and keeping Azeroth safe.

tribal meet 1.jpg
tribal meet 2.jpg

Sin'dorei Debate at the Bluffs

Amphitheater, Thunder Bluff
May 24, 2021

How many members of the Horde and Dark Horde does it take to fill the Amphitheater at Thunder Bluff?  So soon after a Tribal Meeting, the Amphitheater became host to a Dangerous Debate! A capacity crowd was on hand... Should the Sin'dorei be allowed in the Horde?  The host reminded everyone present that the answer had already been decided by the Warchief, but now was the time to change individual minds and opinions.


The six speakers, Trissian, Pogo'pogo, Manimarco, Otlu Stouthorn, Sindoryn, and Zombîe, opened with strong words and more people than ever before wanted to question or get their opinion in, as well.


No threats, no bloodshed, though many were fiercely opinionated and those that were upset with the inclusion into the Horde included some Sin'dorei.


Seems there may be some fractures and fissures within the Horde... Did they get mended here?  Not a chance.

Recon to the Blasted Lands

Dark Portal, Blasted Lands
May 25, 2021

The Tribes had heard enough about the Dark Portal and finally with allies went to the Dark Portal itself.  Demons echoing forth from the Portal was an understatement.  The Alliance harried the group and decisions had to be made to push back the Alliance to Nethargard Keep before they could fully turn to the demons... but once amongst the Argent Dawn, Redwood followed the charge of their Longwalker into the midst of the demons.

Never had they been tested as they were now.

recon 1.jpg

Mana depleted, drops of water left in canteens as the blazing sun beat down upon them all, the group was forced to fall back several times before trying to clear the area again and again.


The Longwalker called for a retreat, but then leapt back into battle with many following close behind, though their strength waned, their determination did not.  They would not leave without Kaylan Ragehorn!  


Opening a portal and trying to shove her through it, she evaded the trap, staying behind as the rest were whisked to the Bluffs.  

recon 2.jpg
recon by nessima.jpg

Picture courtesy of Nessima

The Longwalker knew reinforcements were on the way, but not how long it would take to get there.  Finally, it was Kon from their allies in the Hand that wearily made his way back to the Blasted Lands and as the High Chieftain's reinforcements arrived led by Melgroomm Highmountain, Kon ensorcelled the Longwalker and carried her back through a portal... in the shape of a small pig... 

Kon, The Tribes highly suggest you have some of us with you when you next see the Longwalker for... safety reasons.


Outside Ratchet, The Barrens
May 26, 2021

armistice 1.jpg

Let us be perfectly clear... The Horde and Alliance have not been at war since they stood together on the slopes of Mount Hyjal and fought off the Legion.  A feat accomplished by no one until a handful of seasons ago.  Many of us alive and some of us serving in the armies that fought toe to toe with those demon forces.


And now they return.


We can not wade through demons for the foreseeable future while we continue to fight against backstabbing Knife-e... uh... Alliance.  Is it a perfect answer?  No.  The Alliance still have footholds in Horde land and that must

be addressed, but to what purpose if demonfire rains down on Durotar or The Barrens and Demons scar more of the Earth Mother's lands?

Still.. a message was sent, costing good coin, to the Alliance ports, and at first it seemed that very few Alliance wanted to consider the idea.  But then another showed and a few more, and an intriguing blue skinned and hoofed Draenei; this strange being caught attention not because of the hue of it's skin, but the Sage sensed a connection to the Elements. 

The Shamans of the Horde held a hurried conference, but at the end, Yamaro of the Draenei requested to join the Earthen Ring and Okwaho and others chose to take the matter under consideration.

Those present agreed to cease hostilities as best they could and to meet at the Portal in six moons to try to stop the entry of the Legion.  The meeting a success, no blood spilled, an agreement to work together by a few clans, tribes, and warbands on both sides.  


Would it be enough, and would the rest of the Horde and Alliance come to the same agreement at the behest of the Argent Dawn?  We will know in six moons...

armistice 1.jpg

Earthen Ring Meets

Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff
May 27, 2021

The meeting of the Earthen Ring was called to order and as they proceeded to speak about the portal and the Earthen Ring's response to the attacks, more and more Shaman arrived on the Bluffs that had not been seen in many a season.

Throughout the discussion the Sage paced, sometimes looking fiercely determined and at other times, such as when the word "Space" ship was described, looking confused and bewildered.  The word conjured an image much different than a zeppelin full of Draenei crashed off the coast of

eearthen ring by Wanokee.jpg

Picture courtesy of Wanokee

Kal'dorei territory.  How many of these Draenei are there in Azeroth now?

And what of the land past the Dark Portal?  Winterfang and others shared knowledge of Elemental Furies, and many times stories had been told of Nagran and the Throne of Elements.  


The Earthen Ring would have many questions that only a trip to Draenor will be able to answer.

The Gateway of Medivh

Demon Spawn Camps, Azeroth
May 29, 2021

The threat of the demons has called many from the fight against the Scourge. 


One such group, Frostwolf Militia travelled far and wide to discover just how the demons were growing and threatening the lands. 


One thing they found was that the energy at the old keep of Karazhan was stronger than it had been for the last few seasons.  Another thing to add to the list for members of Redwood and the Hand to look into. 

gate of medivh 1.jpg

Still all answers now lead to the Dark Portal.  But one more group of daunting Horde fighters would be welcome in the dark times rushing towards them all.


Welcome to the Fight for Azeroth, Frostwolf Militia!

gate of medivh 2.jpg
gate of medivh 3.jpg
gate of medivh 4.jpg

War Council

Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff
May 29, 2021

Blacktooth Grin proposing to work together with Horde followers to fight demons and pinkskins? 


The only fault someone could find, and it earned the Sage a lot of glares and side comments, was that the Alliance are less dangerous to than the Legion, and the Sage had already successfully found some alliance willing to step back from open conflict until the Portal to Draenor was breached.  So, just attack the demons... until we stop them.  Then if Alliance break the truce, the Sage vowed to be the first one to swing a hammer at the nearest one.

war council 2.jpg

Still, others spoke of holding to the Armistice until the demons were pushed back and the Portal secured, including the Beacon of the Lighthouse, Triffy D'Argintine.  As the Beacon said, she knows what to expect from the Alliance but still she breaks bread with them, but always on her guard.  And that was how the War Council settled that point.  A brief Armistice, but watching our backs the whole time.

As the meeting drew to a close those present agreed to work together, training to fight and helping each other when under attack.  

Perhaps the Alliance should think twice about breaking the Armistice...

war council 1.jpg
war council 3.jpg

March to the Blasted Lands

Grom'gol Base to Stonard
May 31, 2021

The Horde War Machine when pushed works incredibly fast.  Supplies were gathered and distributed to anyone willing to take them to new front lines of battle... the Dark Portal, Blasted Lands.

Redwood Tribes, Hand of Lordaeron, and many others oversaw the transport of goods to Grom'gol Base, and from there began a long and arduous trek through Darkshire, Deadwind Pass, and the Swamps.

As they entered the Swamp of Sorrows, the land earned its name with the news that Thorr, leader of Acts of War had passed in battle and was soon to be given last rites


near Stonard.  

There were alliance at the gates of Stonard and they were not there for the funeral.  While none present were the Alliance that stated they would hold to an armistice, it was still disheartening to see Alliance fools fighting the wrong enemy.  As a new alliance had formed at the war council, The Tribes, Hand, Bulwark, and all present did right by The Grin and other Horde that were under attack.  (Note, the Grin as soon as they were mustered would have pushed the Alliance back, but there was no reason to wait since we were on hand.)

The Horde rode hard across the final bit of road and either rode down or scattered what Alliance was foolish enough to turn and draw blade against our numbers.  Once dispatched, calmer heads remembered what we came for and turned our force to Stonard to meet up with Acts of War and the funerary procession.


Returning to The Grin's home, the Tribes and allies set out to pay respects and further strengthen the bonds of this new Horde!

Bearing witness, the Tribes welcomed a new leader for the band, a Shaman strong in the elements to Okwaho's trained eyes.  

Then an attack and there was no holding back the Horde from racing towards the Dark Portal and clearing the Alliance from the area; though we knew they would return soon enough.



There is no chance against the demons, but we will go forth against them on the morrow.  


Earth Mother watch over us!

Rumors Heard at the New Tavern:

Spirits of the Earthmother

Demons menacing Undercity?  And many other places if rumors can be believed...


Then again, the Sage reported this one

What is happening at Magatha's tent... Another Grimtotem to keep an eye on?

rumor another magatha cronie reaches ful

Will the Longwalker be making the trip through the Portal?  If so, who will protect the Barrnes?

Protectors of the Horde meeting on the Bluffs?

What could they be discussing?

protector of Barrens rumor.jpg
rumor Gabe and Kaylan.jpg

Recent meeting outside of Crossroads brought Horde and Alliance together peacefully?  Hard to believe, but even as the staggering meeting was afoot, details covered in a story above, one Forsaken, Tavili of the Hand of Lordaeron had his hands full... a news scroll of the Redwood Times! 


Now you know nothing happens that the reporters of the Times miss, even during a diplomatic meeting of the ages!


Has anyone else noticed a large number of rogues of late, making trouble on the Bluffs?  And they are do not even bear the colors of the Alliance... The Sage for one has noticed they do seem to bear one thing in the common... they all appear to be Sin'dorei or Forsaken...


Luckily, he seems to spend much time in the company of a formidable Longwalker while he is on the Bluffs.

Gin'jojo and Pogo'pogo meet out back of the Shaman tent after the War Council meeting.  Neither died...

rumor what are gin and pogo up to at the

The Chieftain finds Kat'yup, but where is Krip'yup?

rumor the Chieftain found Kat'yup but wh

Tasty Treats: Ayashe Brightmane, Chieftain

Buttered Trout with Garlic and Lemon

Lemonade Mixture:

1 pound steelhead trout filet, skin removed

2 tablespoons butter

1/2 a lemon, juice squeezed

1–2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon parsley, minced (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

Watermelon Blending Time

Place fish in a foil with butter, squeezed lemon juice, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper.

Fold the sides of the foil over the trout, covering completely, and seal into a closed packet. Place directly on oven rack and bake at 350 until cooked through, about 15-20 minutes.


Welcome to Outlands Cooking!


Fishing and More with Friends

Stillwhisper Pond, Eversong Woods
May 23, 2021

Record Breaking Times!!!   Three trophy fish in a matter of minutes! Is there something enchanted about that pond outside of Silvermoon City's entrance?

fishing 1.jpg

Wailing Caverns Pond, The Barrens
May 30, 2021

Everyone seems to have come out to fish and make new friends... before an attack on the Dark Portal in a few moons...

fishing at wc last of classic.jpg

A Race to the End of Classic

Mirage Speedway, Thousand Needles
May 15 , 2021

race 2.jpg

While there did not seem much interference or cheating in the class races, when it came time to run for fun and the Horde spread out around the track there was a sudden attack by Alliance that left many battered and bruised.  Thinking the Horde was an easy target a second attack was launched at the finish line, but this time the Horde repelled the Alliance scum without much effort or hardship. 

However, aside from just another skirmish of Alliance target dummies, the races went well with hardly any warnings from Judges, Kontrolla, Sajah, Seditious, Jellyclap, Okwaho, and GuldanRamsay himself.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Soupy's Fine, Delectable Soups! -500g and 5x Flask of the Titans
Pasquel- 100g Dark Runes
Fel's Kitchen - Limited Edition Shirts, made by the chef
The Shattered Company - 500 gold

Redwood Times - 100 gold

Fishing with Friends - 20 gold

Kontrolla - 4x Runecloth Bags, 2 Flasks of Supreme Power

1 simple black dress, 1 orange mageweave shirt, 10 goblin sapper charges were also donated.  If you donated these items, please send me a message on discord-Winter#3381

race 3.jpg

Winner's List

Group 1 Winners - Mhureth, Ritamania, Tor, Ithy, Salochin, Ayashe, Burlap,  Radamathys

Group 2 Winners- Mhureth, Layered, Barnybee, Vynlandish, Ithy, Ludovica(edited)

The race ended with a raffle, thanks to all those that participated and donated to the event!!!

race 1.jpg

Gods of Grob Dueling Tournament

Helms Bed Lake, Dun Morogh
May 17, 2021

Congratulations to Mhureth of The Shattered Company and all the duelists that took part, as well as the announcers, Deronnia, Ragewave, and Worms, along with the sponsors Dweezil and The Redwood Times! 


We look forward to the next tournament.

dueling 1.jpg
dueling 3.jpg
dueling 4.jpg
dueling 6.jpg
dueling 8.jpg
dueling 5.jpg
dueling 7.jpg
dueling 10.jpg

Face Your Demons

Druid Camp, Silvermoon City
May 22, 2021

Leidolfr enjoyed therapy and seemed at home in the city of the Sin'dorei as Gabriel Ross led Face Your Demons.  Newcomers to the meeting introduced themselves and answered many questions about their lives and their home.  A good way to break the ice for the new Horde members.

face demons 1.jpg
face demons 2.jpg

Redwood Roadhouse


Wayfarer's Rest Silvermoon City
May 22, 2021

"Simply amazing place to tend bar," Okwaho Redwood, proprietor of Spirits of the Earthmother and front Shu'halo of the one and only Redwood Roadhouse.  "Chairs and plenty of room for my horns behind the bar.  The only downfall is that we were hoping to taste some new wines and ales.  Well, at least the Sin'dorei enjoyed some of my stock items from Ironforge and Stormwind, as well as a few samples from the brewery back home."

roadhouse smc.jpg

by Seer Ambey Brightmane


Sightings Around Azeroth

Thanks to Ayashe, Zel'wah, Radamathys and Moonskimmer for their contributions

scene by leidolfr.jpg
ayashe dmf.jpg

Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • June 1 - Storm the Portal - Crossfaction Event sponsored by the ARPC (Grobbchella, Mardi Grob, Burnning Grobb...)

  • June 7 - Road to Nagrand with Winterfang of the Frostwolf Clan

  • June 8 - Flowerpicker Orator Night with Kaylla in Garadar - Stories and Dueling

  • See Advertisements for more upcoming events


For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord.  For Alliance, msg. Ardrus know your weekly events and I will be glad to post one in the Alliance RP Discord. 

  • Sat 4pm -Face your Demons with Gabriel and Father Ross, weekly therapy group - Tarren Mill (see advertisements) 

  • Sun 4pm - Fishing with Friends with Branharak Skybreaker - Pond outside of WC - Fishing for Prizes    

  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 

  • Saturday and Monday at 7pm Triffy D'argentine leads new and old activities with The Lighthouse


Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho or Ardrus @Winter#3381 or in game, or email to

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.1

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.2

Find Podcasts by Mikimao (2019-2020), featuring Grobbulus Events, Blackplague and Okwaho here:

Podcast by Saeros (2021) featuring Grobbulus Events, Blackplague and Okwaho here:

pic for interview link.jpg

The Grim and Foreboding Tale (google document):

The Wedding of Nessima and Triffy D'Argentine

Small Glade, Ashenvale
May 30, 2021

The Wedding on the eve of war.  Another Forsaken couple, this time one of them an honored member of the Tribes, goes through the ritual of belonging to one another. Triffy D'Argentine, Beacon of the Lighthouse, and Nessima, Oshkibi of the Tribes, have now declared that what has grown from random meetings is enough to pledge themselves to one another for all time.  In a lovely 

wedding nessi and triffy 2.jpg

the two shared stories of one another, had guests step forward to wrestle and fight one another, and together had the crowd crying and laughing as one.

wedding nessi and triffy 3.jpg
wedding nessi and triffy 4.jpg

Nessima has offered to make tailoring repairs to any of the fine clothes that were torn in the duels...

The reception was held at the Roadhouse in Ratchet... Okwaho brought the Special Reserve and the drinks were liberally distributed in celebration!

dance at last roadhouse.jpg
reception dance.jpg

Redwood Tribes News

Editor's Corner

I am Okwaho Redwood, Adviser and Sage to the Redwood Tribes, Seer of the Earthen Ring, and speaker to the editor that writes these words. 

We go OOC for this one!

This has been a most amazing journey with some of the most creative and in depth role players!  It has been an honor to grow a history on Grobbulus with all of you and I feel fortunate to move into the Outlands every single one of you and all the new friends we will continue to meet!

The support, friendship, and love of the Tribes and our allies is so strong, we can overcome anything together.

Earth Mother Watch over us and Redwoods Stand Tall!

Many Tribes, Many Allies, Many Friends - One Family!

Where in Azeroth is Gin'jojo

ginjojo home or where is.png

Keep track of that elusive Troll

Rites of Passage

The Tribes relaxed under the Kree and listened as their initiates presented themselves.  All agreed it was a much needed rest and a remembrance of what mattered most to the Tribes... One Family.

rites by tokkon from kree.png

Picture from the Kree above courtesy of Tok'kon

Lewid pic by gin at rites.png

Lewid Proclaims Tribe First! picture by Gin'jojo

More fun with the Tribes

Home courtesy of Longwalker Kaylan Ragehorn

home by Kaylan.jpg

Commencement 2021 - Zen'a and Krip'yup

graduation 2021.jpg

Redwood Tribes of Grobbulus


Valcus, King of the Mountain

valcus king of the mountain by sauromoon

Kaylan and the Sage speak in the calm of the Barrens

last days of peace.jpg
Calendar of Events
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