Tales from an Alternate Time

Roadhouse Proprietor: Another Big Success

Spirits of the Earth Mother Brewery, Thunder Bluff

April 18, 2021

From Redwood Roadhouse, a travelling tavern, to building and operating the first Brewery on the Bluffs, Okwaho Sky... Grimtotem, has brought new prosperity and tourism to the home of the Shu'halo.

At first, it was getting a permit to operate the Brewery, but after hustling up more permits, The first Comedy Hour was held in the outdoor seating area of the Lower Rise Brewery.  Kathley Roe Vock was a fantastic choice for the headliner, with Nyx Wintersbloom and Father Lyle Ross warming up the crowd; the crowd included some visiting Alliance,

who were there with permission of the lead performer.  After many laughs, a dance party was held, just off the Lower Rise Bluff, which may have prompted a small zoning fine from the Thunder Bluff Commerce Committee. 

According to Sage Okwaho, "It was well worth it, and we have already started securing a permit for the new dance floor... I never imagined there was this much paperwork involved in owning a Brewery... well, nightclub is a better term, I guess." 


Whichever it is, The Spirits of the Earthmother continues to serve the Bluffs and the Horde with tasty ales and thanks to Lyle, Nyx, and Kathley some great laughter!

Chieftain or Deathlord: Ayashe Brightmane

Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills

April 17, 2021

There seems to be some concern about the double-handed sword the Redwood Tribes' Chieftain has been wielding of late.  Many said long ago when she was first seen with the sword of Baron Rivendare that nothing good could come of this.  But now many are calling attention to the fact that the sword may be an actual Runeblade, and with the scourge at hand, the Chieftain has been called upon to give up the sword, or at least hand it over for examination.

As part of that task, The Chieftain was forced

to come to Face your Demons where Okwaho and others hoped to get some advice from Mr. Gabriel and Father Lyle Ross.

Failing that, the Chieftain returned to the Bluffs and then went to visit family at Bloodhoof Village.  Following her, Tawahne, Branharak, and Okwaho met with another sister of the Chieftain... a twin, who was very clear that the Chieftain had duties to her family that she was still obligated to help despite her roll in the Tribes.

Currently, the Chieftain and others claim the sword is lost in a reef off the coast of Strangle-

thorn Vale, this just following another attempt to evade her sworn protectors.  Why the concern now? Too many times, the Tribes have seen members fall prey to weapons that whisper, and this one has been whispering a long time in the Chieftain's ears.  

If you experience any oddities, or see the Chieftain behaving strangely, report immediately to the Sage of Redwood.

Earthen Ring Lessons: Air

Mount Hyjal

April 22, 2021

Okwaho led some curious students and onlookers, like Gabriel Ross and the Druid Sauromoon, to Mount Hyjal to learn about the element of Air.  At the end however was a test for the new Shaman of the Tribes, Tawahne Duskhoof and Ambey Brightmane.  Master Gin'jojo of the Tribes had already stated he did not approve of the Sage's teachings and was finding a new mentor... and sadly missed a test of immense faith.

At the end of the journey, after a visit to the World Tree, Tawahne and others, took the Leap off the highest point the Sage could find and trusted in the Air Elementals to see them safely brought back to their comrades.

Face Your Demons 2

Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills

April 24, 2021

Blackplague, a free man, led off the recent meeting of Face Your Demons explaining his love for gardening, at least for those that did not try to investigate the rather upset spirits haunting the Tarren Mill church.  For those at the church, it was found out that someone has been digging up graves at the nearby cemetery, and led by Father Lyle Ross and occult expert Totenburg, they seemed to have calmed the spirits down, though more work needs to be done.

The rest of the group, especially those still breathing, joined Gabriel Ross for some relaxed conversation,  until a gnome was shanked by Blackplague's son, Nicolai, who was then severely "scolded" much to everyone else's surprise.

Some help was given to Branharak Skybreaker concerning his desire for Moonbrush, a rare herb recently found on an expedition to Stonetalon Mountains.  

Rumors Heard at the New Tavern:

Spirits of the Earthmother

One of these sights looks normal, but how is Thrall's blessing finding it's way to Kargath in the Eastern Kingdoms?  Warlocks?  Mages?  Druid or Shamanic influences? 


Despite the Warchief's crackdown on Warlocks, this entire scheme seems exactly what the Warlocks ordered.  Containing souls or a container of buffs, little difference it seems and the ability to summon a person, or summon a buff to a far away location?  Not so out of reach for a Warlock summoning team.  Someone needs to look back in on these fel-using warlocks before they start stealing our souls and saving them for their own nefarious use.

Just out for a ride under Mu'sha's light.  Riding the open Mulgore plains, these Longwalkers never seem apart for long.  Ever wonder how long the new mated couple took to return?

(picture by moonlighting cub reporter Yumala Swifthoof)

Tawahne Duskhoof led some friends on an herb gathering mission.  Word is... some of the herbs may have had addictive properties.  Maybe try Dogweed's "Zoop" with some Sage hand-picked mushrooms instead.

Fishing and More with Friends

Pond in front of Wailing Caverns, The Barrens

April 25, 2021

More fishing, more fun.  Joined by Leidolfr Redwood, Skybreaker continues to make more friends and provide prizes for some able-bodied fisherfolk.

Later, Leidolfr hoofed it after Chieftain Brightmane and has secured a new position as her Shu'halo-at-arms, taking care of her armor and belongings.


Leidolfr, a master rune-carver has been asked to see if there is anything he can do about the carvings on the Chieftain's runeblade... if it can be found.

Will the Chieftain's new Longwalker, Tawahne Duskhoof, her old friends, and new helper be able to keep the Chieftain and her Tribes safe from whatever has befallen her?  Earth Mother watch over them all!

The Story and Journey of Stone

Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff to Feralas

April 14-15 2021

A small few had gathered on Spirit Rise under the sinking light of An'she to discuss concerns about the Sage's failing health, as he entered another cycle with an Earth Elemental's spirit not only sharing his physical body, but sometimes taking it over.

They were each surprised when Raush Cloudsong began to channel a story from the elemental... a story of Stone.

When it was done, the elemental had found understanding and acceptance... but the Sage's life was still endangered by the continued weight of two beings.

Journeying to Shadowprey Village, the Tribes and their Allies made their way to seek out the Ogre Dens of Feralas.  Tawahne Duskhoof hastened to show the group some wagon wheels and Shu'halo footprints leading off into the dense foliage.  Following, the Tribes found signs of the Ogre's failed resistance, while Tawahne, Branharak, and the Sage explained just who was ahead of them, one Jarn Grimtotem, a ruthless Shu'halo, who sought the elemental's power for himself.  

Numerous Ogre's were found dead until the Tribe's followed the tracks to an Ogre mound, where it seemed the Ogres had made a stand at last, and defeated four Grimtotem Shu'halo.  Still not knowing what they sought, the trail they followed, now left the mound, cutting back to the road, and whatever it carried was heavy enough to sink the wheels into the forest floor.  Entering the mound, the Tribes were forced to fight against the remaining angered Ogres.  Finding an empty container 5'x4'x3' with only small clumps of dirt and shavings of stone at the bottom, it was surmised this might have held a main part of the ancient elemental's original body.

While some stopped at Camp Mojache, others went further East to try to catch up to Jarn Grimtotem before he could reach the lands of his Tribe.  If any... if you hear anything at all or see this Jarn, please contact the Sage...

Pirate Longbeards Terrorize the Seas

Off the Cape of Stranglethorn Vale

April 21, 2021

Redwood's Pirate Crew heard tale of some shipments being stolen en route to Booty Bay.  Checking on the matter they found a hearty crew of Dwarven Overlord Pirates attempting to make another quick heist south of Booty Bay!

The battling ships set up across a small bar of sand and made unsuccessful forays into each ship, the defenders having the high or low ground as the case may be.

Negotiations started across a firepit, but erupted into another fight that had the longbeards walking the plank!

Looks like some last second negotiations .... or maybe it was a discussion on who gets the rowboat and who gets the ships?  Who knew you could fit so many on a rowboat?

Roadhouse is the Place to Be on Sundays

Gallows' End Tavern, Brill

April 25, 2021

The Roadhouse journeyed to Brill a short while ago and as always, the Gallow's End Tavern was swarmed by participants.  Cregga danced the night away and Triffy D'Argentine taught Skybreaker a few new steps.  The Chieftain attended and travelled the town of Brill and surrounding countryside with her newly appointed Longwalker Tawahne Duskhoof.  The Chieftain also held clandestine meetings with allies while in the area, while the Sage and Gabriel Ross reminisced about some dire times, but both seemed hopeful in the alliance of their friendship to handle any future issues.  Look for the next roadhouse near you!

Sightings Around Azeroth

Thanks to Ayashe and Branharak

for their contributions

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Calendar of Events - contact editor to be added

  • April 28th -  6pm Thunder Bluff Debate Should Non-Forsaken Horde Members Train as Paladins at Thunder Bluff

  • April 29th - 4pm Crossroads Fight Night with Gearstriker - 200 gold prize

  • May 5th - 6pm Tall Tales & Epic Fables at the Amphitheater on Thunder Bluff

  • May 7th - 530pm Thunder Bluff Peace Festival 2021 - One night only  - The Light and the Dark of the Bluffs

  • May 8th - 6pm The Zombie Walk - The Arc Story of Taharkah - Meet at the Bulwark

  • May 14th - 5pm Commencement 2021 - Orgrimmar and Stormwind, with a finale celebration in Booty Bay

  • See Advertisements for more upcoming events


For Weekly events, see the Grobbulus Calendar posted in the Horde RP Discord.  For Alliance, msg. Ardrus know your weekly events and I will be glad to post one in the Alliance RP Discord. 

  • Sat 4pm -Face your Demons with Gabriel and Father Ross, weekly therapy group - Tarren Mill (see advertisements) 

  • Sun 4pm - Fishing with Friends with Branharak Skybreaker - Pond outside of WC - Fishing for Prizes    

  • Sun 6pm - Redwood Roadhouse unless noted otherwise 

  • Saturday and Monday at 7pm Triffy D'argentine leads new and old activities with The Lighthouse


Many events have an advertisement, see link at the top of the page, and if you have an event you would like to see listed here or advertised msg. Okwaho or Ardrus @Winter#3381 or in game, or email to Lohkawaswildmane@gmail.com

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.1

Year 1 Through the eyes of the Seer - pt.2

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The Grim and Foreboding Tale (google document):

Defending the Horde

Underneath Naxxramas

April 13, 2021

With the Peons recently revenged, the Alliance were seen swarming the entrance to Naxxramas, not to attack the citadel, but to attack the Horde... Fools!

The already gloomy Plaguedlands made worse by an incessant rain were braved by group upon group of Horde defenders.  Their mission, to grant safe passage to those that wanted to fight the only enemy that really matters.

The Alliance rained spell after spell down upon the brave defenders, who also had to evade the fel and acidic bombardment of Kel'Thuzad and his Scourge Minions and defend more Alliance that tried to flank them from the hills... and through it all, was the propaganda of the Alliance that later reported that only the Horde lost lives that night.  

It is time Alliance to start fighting the real enemy together as we so recently did in Hyjal against the Legion.  Turn your weapons towards the Scourge and the Horde will do the same!   If not, the defenders will rise again and never stop fighting FOR THE HORDE!

defend naxx 3.jpg

Redwood Tribes News

Editor's Corner

I am Okwaho Grimtotem adviser to the Redwood Tribes, Seer of the Earthen Ring, and speaker to the editor that writes these words. 

There is not much to say.  The incessant battles with the Alliance continue.  The waged skirmishes against our very selves, the doubts that eat at us daily, continue.  The in-fighting and distrust amongst the various races of the Horde continues, though no one wants to admit it.  

It is tiresome and energy consuming.  Meanwhile lives are lost that mean a great deal to family and friends, and even to honorable enemies, and in the end we hope to be better for knowing them.

The time comes, Alliance, when we must stop the fighting and acknowledge the right to live in peace.  Perhaps the comedy hour and the upcoming debate can bring a better understanding and a Sage can finally work on spiritual guidance and not swinging a mace around wildly.

Where in Azeroth is Gin'jojo

Keep track of that elusive Troll

Tribal Meeting

What to do about a sword, a Warlord, and any other issues that a Tribesmember wanted to bring up... Such as, where is the Fruit on the Bluffs!!!  After hearing from the Tribes, the Council went to discuss what they should do and returned to find some heated discussion taking place in front of the High Chieftain's long house.  Apparently there may have been some truth, though later denied by Warlord Gin'jojo, to a rumor about a possible coup attempt against Chieftain Brightmane of the Tribes.  

This matter seemed to resolve itself, while the Council re-iterated that both Warlord and Sage would be watched closely by the Council and dealt with accordingly, while also granting permission to plant more fruit trees upon the various rises of Thunder Bluff.

Unbeknowst to the Sage, witnesses had returned to witness some of the accusations and responses between the Sage and the Warlord of Redwood Tribes

tribal meeting 3.jpg

Redwood Hanging Out

Someone or someones in the Tribes are making forays into the Mountain!

Weekly Circle - a time when the Tribes come together, sharing and relaxing under the Kree

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