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Writers Needed

Do you have a story that you want to share? 
Please contact Okwaho Redwood

Redwood Tribe

We are part of the Redwood Tribes on Grobbulus server. You may find more information in the link below. (Note this takes you off this page.) 

Meet the Editor

Editor of Redwood Times!


Okwaho Redwood vows to bring News Scrolls to all the Tribes of Mulgore and Beyond!

About Us

Redwood Times is about a guild that started on Emerald Dream server called Redwood Tribe.

Redwood Tribes moved to Grobbulus on Day 1 and is now heading into Northrend for further adventures!

We include information about other events and guilds on Grobbulus, and as this is an RP server with a flair for PVP our story may not be the same as other World of Warcraft servers.  Enjoy!

"Young Okwaho" by Gabriel Ross (Stormclaw Arts)

Redwood Times Wants You!

New Editor cannot get all news from everywhere by himself.  Need Assistant Editor, writers, or at least someone to tell story so others can write (That is what Editor did until learn to scratch words on parchment!), Artists (Okwaho spend much gold to have mage make picture appear on parchment), and many others to take parchments to villages and towns.  Need someone to take over Question and Answer, Mate Life, and Ads sections, and more contributors for more stories all the time! (Maybe... not all the time, just twice near start and end cycle of Mu’sha).  Help Wanted!!! (Please… Editor has no clue what he is doing, just loves to tell stories.)

Join Redwood Times now!

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